Sunday, September 20, 2009

For The Record

I interrupt my regular schedule of not posting updates lately to bring you Jack's 18 month stats. My friend Rona recently told me that I need to have more pictures, which was perfect timing because I just so happened to have some new ones.

Here's my big boy on Friday, when he officially turned 18 months. (Or a year and a half.)

(The thing is, there is a big difference between being 1 and being 2, so generally, people refer to their children's age in months during this time of their life.)

(But if you are one of those people without kids or if you are one of those parents that isn't a fan of counting by months, this is incredibly annoying. And I get that. So being the moderate that I am, I stop counting by months at the 18 month mark. From now on, this kid is one and a half.)

(That is, until he is 2.)

My happy guy is still off the charts when it comes to height and now he has added weight to that category as well. He is now 36 inches tall and 33 pounds. He is solidly in a size 2T, which is unfortunate for us because it means he completely skipped the 18-24 month clothes that we bought for him. And, even though it is still very warm here, the stores are all selling long sleeve clothes and pants. Which puts us in quite a pickle. Basically we don't let him eat any food that is 1. colorful 2. messy 3. could potentially stain or 4. has any oil in it of any kind. That way, we'll be sure to keep the 7 sets of clothes that still fit him until we cool off a little around here.

Speaking of food, this kid can really eat. I would say that he generally eats more than I do at most meals. We'll start him off with a normal size plate of food for a one year old and then he'll beg for more. He'll desperately plead for "MORE PLEASE" by both saying and signing the words. (Just in case we are feeling non-verbal when he asks, I guess.) It is the saddest thing I have ever seen. So, of course, we give him more. And more. And...more.

At least he is great about letting us know when he is done, which is nice. Except that usually he shows us by throwing his food at us. I could do without that. Knowing how much he eats now already makes me scared for our future. This kid is going to eat us out of house and home.

I tried to get him to hold my little homemade sign to show how old he is but somewhere along the way he developed a mind of his own. Cooperation is not his strongest trait right now. But here are some of the things he likes to do: like his sister, he loves to read. He also loves dancing and watching Yo Gabba Gabba. He still sucks his thumb and rubs skin on my neck for comfort. (I try and try to get him to use a lovie or attach to a stuffed animal but he just won't.) He says about 20 words but I think about 12-15 are clear to everyone. His laugh is the best sound you'll ever hear. He is quick to crack up and when he likes something he says, "again! again!" If he can imitate what Avery is doing, he will, which I see becoming a problem in the future. For now, though, the two of them are great friends.

Jack wouldn't hold the sign for me so Avery stepped in to save the day. She was such a good helper.
Grammie was also quite willing to hold the sign for me. She was under the impression that I had some photoshop skills. I don't.
We thought maybe if we put the sign next to Jack we could snap a quick picture. The key to that, of course, would be making sure to actually get the sign in the shot. I fail at life. (Avery, in her pajamas already, was happy to jump in to the picture to try and distract Jack from jumping up. It worked for 1.3 seconds.) You'll notice that Jack is almost as big as Avery is. Sigh. We are going to be so poor.

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