Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Oh man. We had a fantastic vacation. So many funny stories to document for future lawsuits, er, I mean reference. But when I plugged my camera in to download the pictures I saw that I took 1044 photos over the 8 days we were on vacation with my entire extended family.

That number kind of gives me a headache.

I'm not done sorting through all of the pictures yet but as I have been looking them over I started to notice a disturbing pattern. See for yourself...

Avery with Matt
Happy and cooperative

with me, not so much

And then there is my boy. My happy little boy...

laughing and having fun

with me, sucking his thumb and refusing to look at the camera

laughing and playing in the waves
thumb in mouth resting his head on my shoulder

Geesh. Darn kids!

So that's 6 pictures down, 1038 to go. I hope to have them all sorted out by the time the kids go away to college. Wish me luck!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Bedtime Stories

When I walked around the corner to Avery's room and saw this I died. And then I came back to life and quickly grabbed my camera.

And then I died again.

Avery was telling Jack that this was her "Avery" book from when she was a baby.
Then she started "reading" to him from her book. She focused on the beach part since we are going to the beach in a few weeks.
Then she switched it up to a Princess book and even let him turn the pages. The next time I walked in the room they were "reading" the Mixed Up Chameleon while laying under the covers. I would have gotten pictures of that, too, but my heart had stopped beating and I wasn't able to move my legs. It appeared that they had read about 5 books from what I gathered by the pile on the floor.

I'm so happy Avery has a big girl bed now so the two of them can lay together and read when they want to. How lucky are we to have two kids that like to be around each other?

Very, very lucky.