Saturday, November 6, 2010

While Waiting For Dinner

Went went down to Auditorium Shores today for the Gypsy Picnic, which seemed like a good idea on paper. The event featured the food trailers that are all around town with special sample prices so we could try a lot of the different food types offered around town (in trailers). It was a beautiful day--sunny and in the 70s--so just about everyone in town thought it would be a good idea to go check it out. As a result, the lines were incredibly long. It looked like some lines stretched a quarter of a mile long. Several of the trailers sold out early in the day (I'm looking at you, Cutie Pies) and there wasn't a single trailer that didn't have a line at least 75 people long. Needless to say, we left after one lap around the park.

The kids enjoyed being pushed around in the stroller and the great weather but they weren't too happy that they didn't get anything to eat. Since we didn't feed them any lunch on the assumption that we would be eating lots of trailer food, we figured we better make up for it by going to Freddie's for dinner. The kids enjoyed playing on the playground while we waited for our dinner.

Avery started to lose her patience for dinner after we waited 30 minutes to get a table, only to be seated at the very table next to the playground that we had been hanging out on while watching the kids play. Ridiculous. But funny.

She perked up when she found out dinner was coming soon!

Sure, she's all smiles in the picture but in her mind she is plotting which one of us she is going to eat if she doesn't get food soon.

They really shouldn't bring silverware to the table until they bring the food. These things are easily turned into weapons when they need to be. Jack has the knife and fork in his hands and he is checking out the other kids on the playground. This could get ugly...

Thankfully the food came in time and no one got hurt!

Both the kids got tired from playing on the playground at the restaurant. Needless to say, we had no problem at all getting them to bed tonight!

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