Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

We had an exhausting weekend. (bet you thought I was going to say great! wonderful! weekend.) Exhausting is more fitting.

My dad has been out of town for a week and mom has been working late so we have been adjusting to coming home and making dinner every night. I realize regular people are used to that but we aren't so it has been a little tiring. It's good to be with them at home so we can play in the neighborhood but they are so used to seeing my parents and it is very clear from Avery's behavior that they are off schedule. She is a creature of habit so not going over to my parent's house every night has made her difficult to deal with. 

To say the least. 

Despite the fact that we would have both preferred to sleep for 2 years straight, we woke up early on Saturday and we were out of the house by 8:30 heading to a farm about an hour away to pick strawberries. We had been using this trip as the "carrot" to get Avery to behave for 3 days and our threats of not going seemed to do the trick when we needed them to. We had to hold up our end of the deal or we would have lost all credibility. Even if it was hot and humid outside. (seriously. don't mean to be a complainer but IT IS ONLY MAY!)

Avery started asking if we were there yet when we were only 10 miles outside of town. SHE'S ONLY 2!! I thought we had a few more years before that started.

Here are some shots from our time on the farm:

Avery feeding Jack strawberry ice cream. She was giving him the tiniest bites possible to qualify as sharing. C for credit.
Jack had no fear with the goats. I didn't let him touch them, though. I didn't want to take any chances of him getting sick. Because let's be honest...he doesn't exactly have the best immune system. 
Avery picking strawberries. She loved it. She really liked to hold the basket and pick out the ripe strawberries but she wasn't a fan of actually pulling the strawberry off the bushes once she saw bugs around the bushes. 
Jack had a hard time waiting to eat the strawberries until we got home and rinsed them. 

We were out of there by 11 and on our way home to the sweet comfort of air conditioning. It's the simple things, really.

The kids and I spent the rest of the afternoon playing inside while Matt did yard work. In that heat. You should have smelled him. ACK.
Avery twirled around the house in a tutu during the afternoon. She likes to pretend that she is in ballellet class (she adds an extra set of L's). Funny since she was always so afraid in actual ballet class...
Jack has fun no matter where he is. He played in the laundry basket while I folded clothes and Avery danced all over the place. 

We all stayed in on Saturday night, mostly due to the lack of energy and babysitter to do anything else. And I couldn't wait until Mother's Day because Matt was making homemade cinnamon rolls for me!


Here is a picture of the cinnamon rolls that Matt made this morning. Bless his heart. He worked so hard on these. 

I should probably stop and say that Matt has started peeking at my blog every once in a while. Which makes things a little tricky for me. Here's what I'll say about the cinnamon rolls: they looked and smelled terrific! And the outside of the rolls were great. 
(ahem, but if Matt didn't read my blog I would probably say something along the lines of: it really helps if you read the directions and follow them exactly. Especially the first time you make something. You aren't a Top Chef yet. And also, check to see if they are fully cooked before you coat them in icing. But it was incredibly thoughtful of him to try.) You know, but I would only say those things to you guys, not Matt. :-)

I taught Sunday School this morning and then Matt arranged for my mom and me to go to the Central Market Cooking School for Mother's Day Brunch. It was amazing. And perfect. And so nice of him to do that for us.

After brunch, we came home and made some frozen banana treats with the kids. Jack was really into it. 
He almost ate an entire banana by himself, which is a lot for a little guy. There are no pictures of Avery doing this activity because she hated it. Poor Matt thought it would be such a fun thing to do with the kids and as soon as he started coating the first banana with honey Avery freaked out. She ended up just wanting to go over to Grammie's house to play in the kiddie pool instead. Nice try, Matt. 

These are the flowers that Avery's Godfather sent me. I love them! And if Avery doesn't stop acting like a "terrible 2" soon, he will get to experience the joy of having her around much more often because I am going to play the "Godparent" card and drop her off at his house! 

(kidding. I wouldn't do that to poor Josh.)


Erin said...

Hey there! I'm just catching up from Friday's living room post!! On the wood burning fireplace - I don't really know the details (my husband took care of it) but I know we had to have an insert put inside the fireplace to protect the cords, etc. from catching on fire. We have a local business here that deals with fireplaces and they helped us. Hope this helps!!

ML said...

Sounds like a fantastic Mother's Day weekend! I's no Drive through KFC and a picnic in the park...but I guess it will do.