Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Well Thank Goodness That is Over

Since my dad has been gone on vacation for 2 weeks to visit my brother's family, Avery has been....oh, how do I say this nicely?  CRAZY.  Specifically the bat shit variety of crazy.

She is used to going over to my parent's house every day after school and staying past dinner so when we messed with her precious schedule she made us pay. Here are some of the pleasures we have had during the last 2 weeks:
  • she has deliberately peed on her floor while looking me in the eye. 
  • she hit Matt in the face 3 times
  • oh, and then there was the time she ran around the parking lot at daycare screaming and refusing to get into our car. Cars had to stop and wait to park until I caught up with her and carried her kicking and screaming to the car. 
  • refused to put on shorts so I wouldn't let her go to the grocery store with me. She ran out of our house chasing after me down the driveway--in her underwear. Screaming and crying and snot flying everywhere. (for the record, I still didn't take her to the store)
  • refusing to get dressed most mornings. I have grown to hate mornings. She wakes up so happy and then when we have the nerve to ask her to put clothes on for school she freaks out.
  • oh dear Lord the crying. The falling to the floor. The whining. The screaming. You get the idea.
  • she has turned into little miss SASS lately. And she knows it. 
  • suddenly her ears have stopped working because she definitely doesn't hear me when I tell her anything.
Lucky for us my dad is home now and hopefully she will fall back into her routine soon. I don't anticipate her automatically turning back into a human but I hope it happens in the next week or two. I have had just about enough of the creature that has taken over her body.

Who, me?

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Anonymous said...

ah...the lovely, lovely antics of a child. I would love to tell you she grows out of it...but I have trouble lying in printed media. You just learn to let it bother you less...in like 6 years they tell me.