Sunday, October 18, 2009

Obligatory Pumpkin Patch Post

Saturday morning was packed for us. It started with an H1N1 vaccine for Avery. It literally took 20 seconds and involved squirting some spray in her nose. She didn't act like she was bothered by it at all. Jack is too young for the nasal spray so he'll have to wait until our pediatrician has the injectable vaccine before we can go for his appointment.

On a total side note, I do have to say that I am more hesitant to get Jack vaccinated than I was with Avery. The thing is, boys are at such a higher risk for autism than girls so I am always concerned about shots for him. (Before you send me hate mail: I KNOW that there are tons of studies that prove that vaccines don't cause autism but until we know what does cause it, I worry each time he has to get a shot. Sue me.) But at the end of the day, I am sure that I will choose to get him vaccinated because his immune system isn't what it was before he was infected with salmonella at the beginning of the year. Not that I have to decide today, of course, because as I mentioned already, there are no shots available yet.

After we left the doctor's office we headed over to our church's pumpkin patch to pick out some pumpkins for our house (ahem...take some pictures...). Avery had a great time running around and pointing out odd looking pumpkins to show us. Jack thought the pumpkins were just balls with stems which meant that Matt and I spent a great deal of our time making sure that he didn't smash any all over the church lawn. We're already behind on our tithing for the year so the last thing we need is to have a child responsible for destroying the Youth Group fundraiser. There's just no getting into heaven after that.

We ended up with tons of pictures and one very nice pumpkin for our front yard. Here are a few of the shots we took.

All smiles while waiting her turn for the H1N1 vaccine.
She was in a picture-taking mood so I had to take advantage. It was game day (Texas/OU weekend) so she is dressed in her longhorn tutu from Shimmer Sisters. It was slightly chilly outside so we paired the tutu with blue pants and pink crocs. Clearly she is a style queen in that mess of an outfit.
Jack was trying to move the tree. I think he was truly convinced that if he pushed hard enough he could get it to move out of his way. I wasn't going to be the one to tell him otherwise.

I had a really hard time getting a picture of both kids with Matt. There were cute ones of Matt with Avery and Matt with Jack but they never managed to both look at the camera at the same time. It's all part of their plan to drive us crazy and I, for one, am not going to let them beat me.

Seriously, though, this picture makes my ovaries hurt. My boy is so incredibly sweet. Makes me want to have 4 more just like him. And then I think of the grocery bills and snap back to reality. 4 more just like Jack would require a loan from the bank just to provide food for them every month.
Here we have Avery showing Jack the little pumpkins. Such a sweet image and I am so glad I caught it. Little did she know that handing Jack these pumpkins would cause her great terror just a few minutes later when he started throwing them in her general direction. Not at her so much as around her, but it didn't matter.

Not pictured: me chasing after him trying to stop the madness.

I think he was planning his next move. Something about that face says trouble to me.
Then again, he is very good at making these angel faces at me that make me forget all about having to chase him around the church.

Avery was all smiles after she was a safe distance from Jack's throwing range.
Somehow Matt was able to get one shot of all three of us looking at the camera. Some people are just lucky, I guess.

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Anjea said...

After having worked with many, many families and many autistic kids, my theory from a healthcare perspective is this: there is a genetic component, and then there is something environmental that causes those genes to turn on/activate. Most children shows signs of autism well before the innoculations they get as toddlers. Kids don't just all of a sudden go from being typically developping to being autistic. And looking at your son being all lovey-dovey in those pictures, he clearly doesn't have difficulty bonding with people. :D (The opposite, of course, is true of autistic people.) I think there are changes in the environment (e.g. pollution, food preservatives, etc.) that over time are having a negative effect on human development.

The pictures are so cute! Where did y'all go for the pumpkin patch? I've never been to one! We're in north Austin now...