Friday, November 6, 2009

My Little Charmer

Such a happy guy in the car.
His new favorite thing to do is to ask us either, "What happened?" or "What are you doing?" (which actually only comes accross as "doing?" in the cutest little high pitched voice.) And he always makes his hands go like this in the picture when he asks.

Here's my little newsboy in his peacoat and hat.
I love his look in this picture. He is paying close attention to what is happening on Sesame Street rather than me taking pictures of him, but I like the result.

He is talking much more lately. It's a fun game to try and figure out what he is saying, but more and more of his words are crystal clear. It's been neat to experience this phase because Avery skipped it altogether. She went from single words to clear phrases and complete sentences in just about 3 months (from 15-18 months). Jack has his moments of gibberish where his face is completely serious and his gestures indicate that he is really trying to tell us something but his language is in some kind of Nordic dialect that I have never heard before. And then he will have moments where he tells us in no uncertain terms exactly what he wants. "Cookie!" "Open!" "Night Night!"

The other great thing he is doing now is nodding his head yes or shaking no when we ask him questions. It really has made life easier to be able to ask him clarifying questions. Plus, it is so cute when he emphatically nods his head in agreement.

When he wants us to follow him somewhere he gestures us forward with his hand and says "C'mon, mama!" which is very hard to resist.

We know what is looming, though. There is no avoiding that he'll be 2 in just about 4 months. It's out there...mocking us...laughing at how much harder it will be with a 2 year old that doesn't actually speak in coherent complete sentences. But for now, we are loving every minute of our sweet boy's new-found communication tricks.

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