Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Two Times the Fun

We go to a lot of great birthday parties that I always intend to blog about but then time passes and it just seems weird to post about a party we went to several months ago, so I just move on without writing about them. Fortunately for me, the birthday party that we went to on Halloween was for a set of twins that turn 1 today, which makes this post's timing PERFECT.

(pats self on back since procrastination has finally paid off)

My sorority sister, Liz, and her husband Pecos welcomed baby girl Ali and baby boy Stone on November 10th, 2008. They waited several years for their turn to be blessed with such gifts so we were thrilled when we got the news that they were expecting twins! What a double blessing.

And double work. Double the diapers. Double the sleep training. Double the feeding schedules. Double the teething and the laundry and the colds. Double the waking up in the middle of the night. Double the growth spurts. But most of all, double the love and happiness that those babies brought into their parents lives. Double the kisses and cuddles and first smiles. While I know it has been exhausting for Liz over the past year, I also know that she wouldn't want it any other way.

Their party was in San Antonio, about an hour and a half away, from 12-3 which is prime nap time in this house. Both huge strikes against going. Plus it was Halloween so we had tight timelines that we had to stick to in order to be home in time to get! candy! from! strangers!

But none of that mattered since there was no way that we were going to let nap schedules or long car rides keep us from being there for the twins' big day. We really wanted to help celebrate such a great first year for the whole family. The toughest year is over and now on to the big milestones in year two!

We knew it would be a nice party because Liz and Pecos have always been great hosts but they far exceeded our expectations for this one. To start, the decorations were fantastic. They didn't miss a detail for the Halloween inspired affair. I wasn't smart enough to remember to take pictures, of course, but trust me. Awesome.

There was an orange and black painted archway that you walked through to get into the party. Once in the backyard they had a huge blow-up slide with a ball pit at the bottom and a big bouncy house to play in. Perfect for both of my kids! Avery loved the bouncy house so much that she hardly stopped jumping, even when she landed wrong and jammed her finger. Jack was a fan of the ball pit and playing on the swings. They also had a big blanket laid out in the lawn with toys that were perfect for the 6-12 month crowd. They really did have something for everyone, which gave us the chance to visit with friends our own age while the kids played.

The food table was perfectly decorated and stocked for both kids and adults. They had Mickey Mouse shaped chicken nuggets, the cutest PB&J sandwiches, cream cheese dip made to look like a spider, oreos made to look like caterpillars, caramel apples with m&ms, pretzels and so much more. The drinks for kids were served in the cutest little plastic bottles that they got to take home and the treat bags were full of fun halloween candy and toys. The drinks for adults came out of a large silver keg. You just can't go wrong with that.

After the kids played and ate and played some more, Ali and Stone took off their costumes and got ready for some cake. It was clear that Stone was much more into it than Ali was. She pretty much gave us dirty looks the whole time (hey! I don't like it when people stare at me while I am eating, either) and didn't care too much for the cake. My kids were the exact same way the first time we gave them cake, so I could totally relate to her.

Stone seemed to think it was strange that we all gathered around them, sang the birthday song and then watched while he licked icing off the cake, but he didn't let that stop him from enjoying his special treat. It was fun to watch him discover how yummy cake and icing are.

Pretty soon after that Jack stuck his thumb in his mouth and laid his head down on Matt's shoulder so we knew it was time to head back to Austin. We sure had a great time celebrating such a special day with our friends. We just couldn't be happier for Liz and Pecos. They are such good parents and you can tell that those babies were definitely worth the wait.

Here are some pictures from the party.

Stone was looking at Pecos as if to ask
"Are you sure I can eat as much of this cake as I want to?"
Nom Nom Nom
Happy Guy with a face full of blue icing.

Ali wanted to enjoy her cake in peace.
I didn't want to make her mad so I just snuck in a few shots of her.
Like most girls, she wasn't a fan of getting her hands all dirty. But she did start to get into it after she realized how delicious cake is. Smart girl!
Ali and Stone playing in the ball pit. He was a monkey and she was a cat in a tutu. They were both very cute.
Jack also really enjoyed the ball pit. I had to take him out after he started indiscriminately throwing balls around. Safety first, kids. Safety first.
After 3 years of wanting nothing to do with bouncy houses, Avery is officially a fan. She hardly left the inflatable energy zapper the whole time we were there.
My dear friend, Amy, was in town from Denver for the week. It was wonderful to see her again after more than a year. I think the last time she was here I was still on maternity leave. It is crazy how time flies.
He isn't quite as light as when he was 2 months old. Let that be a lesson to you, Amy. Don't stay gone that long or you won't be able to lift him next time!
I don't remember this girl's name but her Aunt brought her to the party. She is one of Liz's neighbors, I believe. Anyway, she took a liking to Jack and it was so cute to see her holding his hand. Jack was slightly confused by it, but he went along for a few minutes. Girls have that kind of power over men, even at a young age.

Uh, kind of hard to deny that these two are father and son. Look at that facial expression that Matt is passing on to my sweet boy. I just want the girl that will eventually marry Jack to know that I had nothing to do with the looks that he gives. That is all thanks to Matt.

Jack put his thumb in his mouth as soon as we got into the car. I think he was asleep by the time we hit the interstate. We didn't get so lucky with Avery, but it didn't matter because the party was worth it. We all had a great time.

Happy 1st Birthday, Ali and Stone!

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Thank you for coming! I loved reading your post, it brought a tear to my eye :)