Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fun Times with Cousins

I took approximately 984 pictures over the 8 days that we visited my brother's family in Illinois so you'll have to forgive the huge picture post. I used discipline to narrow this entry's photo count down to 14. I'll have more to say about Christmas Eve and Christmas Day when I get the chance, but for now, here are some of the pictures of the kids hanging out with their cousins. They had a blast and they can't wait to go back again very soon (Avery says we are going back "tomorrow" which is going to make going back to daycare a bitter pill to swallow). Life is hard when you are 3.

Avery and Natalie after coming in from the snow. It took Avery about 5 days before she decided that she wanted to play in the snow and once she did, she loved it. She was always the last one to come inside because she was having a great time.
Making cookies with Savannah. We made cake balls, cookies, brownies, more cake balls, banana bread...the list goes on and on. I'm pretty sure the oven is still on because it was used so much.
Clowning around with Annabelle. They played together pretty well. There was one day when Bella decided that Avery was being too whiny to play with and she left to go play with someone else. And by "left" I mean that she went to a completely different house. I don't blame her; there are days that I do the same thing!
Singing the Wii sing-a-long game with Natalie, Emma, McKenzie, Lauren and Bella. It was so fun to hear the girls all singing and having fun. The house was always full of friends so there was never a dull moment.
Larry isn't capable of taking a picture that we could actually use in a photo album.
Jack kept lifting his shirt and showing his belly so Larry decided to show him up and give him a view of a real belly. Jack is still having nightmares.
Jack got tons of attention from the girls. They were all so good with my kids.
Sweet Emma played with Jack even though he thought everything was a ball and would turn innocent objects into lethal weapons.
You can't tell by the looks on their face in this stellar picture, but these girls were singing "Jingle Bells" for us before we opened presents on Christmas Eve. It was a cute little performance.
Jack was so mad that we made him take a second out of his time in the snow to take a picture. He paid us back by making a terrible face. Score 1 for Jack.
I got him back, though, by making him wear a hat and gloves outside. The thing about being the only boy is that all the winter clothes they had for us to borrow were totally girly. Safety first, though, kids. Gotta wear warm clothes if you are going to play in the snow--even if those clothes make you look like a girl.
More fun in the snow with Savannah, Bella, Elise and Braden. This time it was just Avery because I think it was 15 degrees outside and Jack wasn't good about leaving his hat and gloves on. Braden led the group over to the school to slide down a ramp covered in snow which was both fun to watch and terrifying because it just looked like a broken leg waiting to happen. Thankfully they all made it back to the house with no injuries.
Clearly Avery was thrilled to be there hanging out with her cousins. She really didn't want to leave. I can't say I blame her.

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