Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Our friends Reagan and Amanda had a joint birthday party over the weekend. Amanda turned one and Reagan turned two so they had a clown themed party to celebrate. It was fun for the 1-2 year olds and the 3-4 year olds, which is a pretty tall task if you have ever had to throw a party.

Amanda's little cupcake. The hardest part about taking this picture was getting Amanda to wait before she attacked that cupcake.
Reagan's cupcake. She was much more patient than Amanda was.
The clown that painted faces and made balloon animals at the party. The kids had so much fun playing games with her. I was surprised that Avery wasn't scared of the clown since she is generally scared of everything else. Of course, neither of my kids would sit to get their faces painted.
One of the birthday girls!
Jack decided to hang out by the beer kegs. Matt was so proud.
Jack peeking through the circle balloon that the clown made for him.

The two big sisters enjoying themselves at the party. They posed for this picture and I think I took 12 different versions in my attempt to get them both looking and smiling at the same time.
Matt is getting Jack's love of video games started early. I am afraid for our future.
Avery is such a priss. She was eating her cupcake with a fork!
Jack wasn't afraid to just dig right in.
Nom Nom Nom
But Jack had nothing on Reagan. She attacked her cupcake! It was so cute to watch her eat every crumb.
Even though it was her birthday, Amanda made everyone else look like they were the rookies!
But in the end, the baby showed them all up! Amanda ate all of her cupcake and icing and then licked the plate clean. She was hilarious!

It was such a good time for the kids. Great party, Lauren and Elissa!

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