Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

We had great weather for being outside this weekend. It was 95 on Friday but got back down into the low 80s on Saturday so I was able to get some planting done in our front yard. We have 'the little yard that could', which is tough since we live next to a professional landscaper. I can never really seem to get it looking as good as their yard but we at least try and keep it looking decent.

We're never going to win "Yard of the Month" for our neighborhood. That's for sure.

When I was little my grandparent's neighbors used to have wooden cutouts in their front yard of an old man and an old woman bending over in the garden. This picture reminds me of that.
Avery and Jack were my very special helpers. They helped put the dirt in the flower bed, handed me tools, played in the dirt, and killed innocent flowers with their abilities to love too much.
We got these flowers at our local farmer's market on Saturday morning. Jack picked them out himself so he was very excited to help plant them.
It was a mad race to see which child could bring me the most flowers. Hilarious how they operate like that.
Avery did a great job digging the dirt but she could never quite figure out how to get the flowers in before the hole she made collapsed in on itself. It was funny to watch.
Jack had given up helping at this point and had just starting bringing out all of his toys to play with in the yard.
But once he saw the hose he was all about the flowers once again. This turned out to be a bit messy. He was totally soaked by the time we were done.

On Mother's Day Matt made a great breakfast and the kids gave me the gifts they had made at school. I also got tickets to a Carrie Underwood concert.

My Mother's Day breakfast: french toast with homemade strawberry butter and grits. Two of my favorites!
Most of the time we have to trick him into taking pictures. He didn't realize Matt had picked up the camera so he was happy to talk to me like normal.
Missing from this picture: Jack. He is on the floor right by my feet throwing a fit because he didn't want to be in the picture. Avery is smiling so big just to show him up.
By the end of the day Jack was pretty wiped out. It was a nice and relaxing day for me thanks to Matt and the kids!

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Anjea said...

Your flower beds look great! I'm glad that the kids were not only good helpers but that all went without issue. :D

Your mother's day breakfast looks awesome!

That first picture of you and Jack needs to be framed, too sweet. :D