Sunday, May 23, 2010

Where Did the Weekend Go?

Somehow after an extremely busy week at work we managed to pack in a ridiculously busy weekend. One of these days I am going to just sit at the pool all weekend (lord knows I need a tan!) and relax. I just can't seem to find the time to do that. Here are some pictures of just a few of the things we did this weekend. I wish I could say this was all we did but it is only about half of it.

We started our weekend at a wedding for one of Matt's friends from work. They had a lovely ceremony at St. Austin's Catholic Church and then the reception was at the Zilker Park Clubhouse. It is on a hill overlooking the park and the city skyline. Had it not been 95 degrees and humid, it would have been really awesome.

Don't get me wrong, it turned out to be a great time, as the pictures will show, but those first few hours before the sun went down were definitely rough. Most of the reception was outside and the dinner was in an open building with no AC. Thankfully there was a pretty steady breeze and lots of booze.

Clint and Andrea right before their first dance. I believe she was also wearing Chuck Taylor shoes under her dress.
Not quite as pretty as the bride and groom but we loved the city skyline in the background so we couldn't resist taking a picture.
Here are some of the guys toasting the groom. The Mojitos were definitely flowing all night.

Clint was showing off his new ring to the group. He was saying that it felt odd to have a ring on that finger.

Marco (the guy you can barely see with his hand on Clint's shoulder) was asking Clint if his ring felt tight. Matt could see where this was going already.....
Then Marco laughed and told him that it was supposed to be tight; that's the way women like it so their husbands can't escape easily. Obviously Matt got a big kick out of that.
By the end of the night, the guys enjoyed plenty of drinks and started sharing the love. Matt was clearly taken by surprise when Marco grabbed his face and went in for a kiss.
And just when I thought the night was winding down, in came the mariachi band. You can absolutely never go wrong with a mariachi band. They were a lot of fun and guests at the wedding started salsa dancing, which was neat to watch.

On Saturday Avery went to a super hero birthday party for her friend Reagan. It was at a gymnastics place near our house. She had so much fun playing on everything....and so did the adults.

Here are Jay and Alex on the balance beams. Jay is the one who is airborne in this picture.
And here he is after his graceful landing. He was a good sport about the whole thing.
I'm not sure I could have expressed how much fun Avery had better than this picture can express.
Reagan and her HUGE birthday cake. I love the contrast between little tiny (6 year old) Reagan and this giant cake.
Micha made super hero capes for all the kids at the party. Avery was not excited about putting it on when she first got it but the minute we got home she demanded that I put it on her and then she refused to take it off. Even when we went to Target. Even when she was watering flowers. Even when she was eating dinner. Hilarious.

And here is her certificate indicating that she graduated from Super Hero Training.

I love this picture of Avery talking to Gary because of the big smiles on their faces and on little Aja's face in the background. When I told Gary that Avery is an official super hero now, she corrected me and said, "not quite yet, mom. All that 'tificate' means is that I completed the training course." When will I ever learn?

Little man Jack had a good weekend, too. He played around in the yard, terrorized the flowers that we planted a few weeks ago by giving them a little too much "love," and spent some time at the new bouncy place by our house. I don't think I have ever heard him laugh so hard.
I think this picture wraps up my feelings on the weekend. It was busy. It was hot. It was sweaty. And it was so much fun.

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