Tuesday, July 22, 2008


That word has a lot of meaning in our family this year. Avery turned 2 on Friday and we are starting to see the drama that is the "Terrible Twos" appear already. She is also now one of our 2 children. From her first birthday to her second we added a little brother to the family. She has to share us now. On most days this is not a problem. Sometimes, however, she lets us know that she needs some of our time more than he does. 
Two is the number of times a day I have to go to the mother's room at work to pump. It is getting harder and harder to find enough time.
Two also refers to the number of clothing sizes I have gained since having Avery in 2006. Amazing but true. I didn't even get the chance to stop nursing her before we found out that Jack was on the way so I never really lost the baby weight I was carrying from her. I should get on that now that he is 4 months old. Time is wasting.
Two is the number of months our house has been on the market--this time. 
Two is the number of years in a row that we have had our house for sale. This time last year was our first attempt. We decided to sell it and buy a bigger house when we found out we were expecting Jack. But it didn't sell, probably because we waited until the end of the buying season to put it on the market. We had to take it off for a few months around the time the baby was born and recently tried again.
Two is also the number of loads of laundry we should do most nights of the week. We usually don't and that leaves Sunday afternoons to laundry hell, but that is our fault. 
Two is the number of hours it takes for me to get ready for work every morning. Getting myself, two kids, the dog, the house that is on the market, and my husband all ready to leave for the day is still a challenge. I would love to get this down to 1.5 hours, but so far we are moving backward and not forward.

I hope to record my thoughts on here often. I love to read blogs and I just decided it was time for an outlet of my own. I look forward to your comments, if you ever feel inclined. 

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