Friday, July 25, 2008

Well Check Stats

Avery, Jack, and my brother's girls all pose in their UT gear. We're just preparing for Jack's big debut on the UT football team. We figure at the rate he is growing, Mack Brown should be calling in the next few months. He's huge. To put it in perspective, Annabelle (back row next to Avery) is almost 3 and weighs 28 pounds. See below for what our 4 month old weighs...

We had Avery's 2 year well check and Jack's 4 month well check today. Both are doing great and are perfectly healthy. They are also both in the 95% for both height and weight. Jack stays consistent with a head size in the 95th percentile while Avery's is in the 80th percentile. The bottom line is that I have 2 big kids.

It's weird when I look at Avery, though, because she doesn't seem to be that much bigger than other 2 year olds. She still wears 2T in most clothes (although Target, Carters and Children's Place are a solid 3T if not 4). Yesterday her 2T Gymboree shorts were practically falling off of her. Why can't clothes manufacturers just agree on a universal sizing chart and stop driving parents so crazy?

Jack's 4 month stats: 19 pounds, 27 inches
Avery's 2 year stats: 33 pounds, 36 inches

Avery would not cooperate at all for a picture. She is giving us the hardest time. This is the best we have to offer.

The picture place made Jack do all these cheesy poses. He wasn't very thrilled.

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