Sunday, June 14, 2009

'Tis the Season

Yay for babies!!

If it seems like I have thrown a few baby showers recently, it's because I have. And I love it. Matt and I are very fortunate to have some great friends to hang out with all the time. Two of those couples have been waiting patiently for their turn to have a baby and this is their year. In May we threw a shower for Melissa and Stan, who are expecting a girl around July 4th. Yesterday we threw a shower for Jolene and Derrin, who are expecting in August. We aren't sure if it is a boy or a girl because they are not finding out. On purpose. Even though there is very reliable technology available that will be happy to show them the parts necessary to find out what they are having....

It is a surprise no matter when you find out, right?

And also, who let pregnant ladies (hormonal pregnant ladies) in charge of these kinds of decisions. They clearly should not be allowed to think for themselves. Their friends should be allowed to decide for them. (she wouldn't even agree to let the doctor write the sex down on a piece of paper and just give me!) grrr.

But we threw them a shower anyway. And since they were stubborn about the whole sex thing we went with a neutral theme. Below are the pictures from the "Babies are so sweet" themed baby shower.

We decided on cupcakes instead of a cake because they are a little more whimsical. I made the cupcake decorations by cutting scrapbook paper into circles and attaching them to toothpicks.
I made the "candy" centerpiece by wrapping a Chinese lantern with cellophane paper.
Here's the whole spread. Candy centerpieces with colorful sweet tarts, straw candy, and sour balls.

There was plenty of food. We had an over-supply as usual. We tried to do very colorful food to match the rest of the decorations.
The favors were miniature candy jars filled with m&ms or Jelly Belly jelly beans. The m&m ones were the most popular. Next time I will probably just use m&ms.
some of the guys standing around chatting before we opened gifts.
Derrin didn't really know what any of the gifts were used for but he definitely liked the butt paste the best.
We laughed a lot while they opened gifts. Especially because they got 3 baby monitors. It was like one of those wedding showers where everyone shows up with a toaster. So funny!
Here we have Derrin and Jolene showing off their baby bumps. I think Derrin wins this one...
Melissa made it to Jolene's shower and here they are doing the "baby bump" together. Mel has about 3 weeks to go!! They both look fantastic.
The guys spent the rest of the night outside smoking cigars and drinking. It was in the 80's even at 10pm and so humid but we had a great time hanging out with everyone. The party lasted well after midnight and a great time was had by all!


Lauren said...

We had so much fun! The theme was ADORABLE!!

Jolene Shriner said...

I loved every minute. This was such a great day and it was wonderful to see everyone. You put on such a great shower. Thank you

kcathy said...

What an awesome spread! You're so creative Amy!

ML said...

Hey...isn't there supposed to be a table cloth on that table?

Katie Bug said...

The lanterns wrapped in celophane are super cute!