Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Traditional Gift for 6th anniversary Is Candy...We're Just Happy My Brother's Are Eating Crow

It turns out that we have beat the odds (ahem, brothers!) and spent the weekend celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary. We didn't make a big deal of the occasion because WE EXPECTED TO STILL BE MARRIED AFTER 6 YEARS so it wasn't a big cause for celebration when we woke up this morning still in wedded bliss. But we did enjoy some time together going to some local favorites in Austin.

On Saturday night we went to Guero's Taco Bar for dinner. Hot damn that place is good. And can I pause here and just say that being able to order an alcoholic drink when I want to is really fantastic. Oh, Bacardi Rum, how I missed you. I tried to pace myself during dinner because the night was young. The salsa, however, had other things in mind. I couldn't help myself, I had to keep drinking daiquiris because my mouth was on fire. I think we spent the whole dinner just making "mmm" and "oh my goodness" sounds. The conversation was obviously riveting.

At sunset we headed over to the Congress Street bridge and watched the bats come out for the evening. I was amazed at the number of people out to see the bats but more than that, I was confused by the people who brought their kids. I can't imagine anything scarier for a kid to watch: one million bats flying out from a bridge into the sky. I know the bats are out to eat all the bugs (which, thank you so much bats!) but do kids? It just seems like a kids worst nightmare come true. And these parents were out there happily exposing their so-called beloved children to this horror. I don't know. Maybe I have this one wrong but I imagine if I took Avery out to see this she would still be screaming 24 hours later.

This morning we went to Stubb's BBQ for their famous Gospel Brunch. This is an Austin tradition but I have never taken Matt there. The music was fantastic. I loved the band this week and the food wasn't too shabby, either.

Here's a picture from the brunch this morning. There is just nothing like Gospel music. The band could not have been more entertaining! After we were stuffed beyond what should be humanly possible we headed home to nap while the kids were napping at my parent's house.

Because it was 105 degrees outside for the 10th day in a row, we decided to head to the splash park for some relief. The kids love it and it beats going to the park and melting at the playground. It is hard to believe that it is only June and we have had such oppressive heat already. I can't imagine what August and September are going to be like. Lord help us!

Jack would like you to know that big is beautiful.
Avery loves those butterfly wings that Lauren made her. She wears them all the time--even without her tutu and leotard that go with them. I'm afraid that we'll have to pry these off her more days than not...
Do you think Jack enjoyed the sprinkler park or what?
But after only about 20 minutes the kids were longing to go into the pool. We gave in and decided to head into the pool. It's the only other responsible place to be in weather like this. We were just trying to be good parents.

Avery was pretty ticked at us that she actually had to get out of the pool and eat dinner. Apparently it was a huge mistake to think that transitioning from play time to bedtime was going to be a breeze. Clearly she didn't get the message that it is our anniversary and she should cut us some slack.
She did end up looking really cute running around in her new cowboy boots, though. This was right before bedtime (which is why her glasses are off). I thought the light outside was perfect so I let her run around for a few minutes while I tried to get a good picture.
She had fun playing in the yard but refused to give me a break when it came to taking pictures. I hope this isn't a bad sign that she isn't going to cooperate for her 3 year pictures that we are getting taken on Tuesday.

The best anniversary gift we got, though, was the news that a cool front is on its way and it is only going to be 97 degrees on Tuesday! I think that is God's way of making up for the huge rainstorm that happened during our wedding reception. I'm just sayin'....

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