Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Birthday Week

I asked my Aunt Debbie to help make this table runner for us to have on our dining room table during Jack's birthday week. (And by "help" I mean that I came up with the idea, picked out the fabric and design and Aunt Debbie did everything else.) She is also making one for Avery's birthday week. I love how great Jack's table runner turned out and I really appreciate all the work she put into it.

I put it on our dining room table last night and it will stay there all week in honor of his birthday this Thursday. He still really doesn't get it that it is his birthday. We keep asking him how old he is and he (correctly, technically) says "ONE!" We try and coax him into saying "two" but he just laughs at us and shows us the number 1 with his pointer finger. (I thought it was important to identify the exact finger he uses to show us his age just in case you thought my toddler might be street savvy enough to actually give us "the finger" in response to our repeated questions. He's good...but he isn't that good.)

I've asked him if he wants me to bring cupcakes to school this week and he nods his head and says yes, but I don't think he would refuse food under any circumstance so that isn't really a sign that he understands that Thursday is a Special Day. We've told him that we are going to have a birthday party for him and his friends will come and we'll sing "Happy Birthday To You" but he usually stops us there with a hearty "No HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU" and makes the cutest frowny face you have ever seen. It's clear that he has learned from the best and his "terrible two's" will resemble Avery's terrible 3's.

Go figure.

Here's a closer look at the table runner (you can usually click on the pictures to enlarge, also). I look forward to using this every year. Now I just need to find a good spot to store it so that I remember where it is next year. That is much harder for me than it sounds, unfortunately.


Anjea said...

I love the runner! I have used several of those fabrics in quilts...the brown/turquoise line was one of my favorites!

Lindsay said...

Very cute! When Jaden turned three he would cry when we would tell him he was three now and say, "But I really wanted to be TWO, I don't WANT to be three!" Sorry kiddo, you don't have much choice in the matter... and after having him turn three, I agree with him, I want him to be two too!