Sunday, March 14, 2010

What Has Been Keeping Me Busy

Jack will be 2 this week. TWO. I'm not even going to write about how bittersweet that is. At least not tonight. Tonight I just want to give a sneak peak at what I have been working on for Jack's birthday party next weekend. He's a big fan of Yo Gabba Gabba so we're going with that theme for his party.

We sent each child a Yo Gabba t-shirt along with their invitation. My friend, Michelle, helped me with the shirts (and by help I mean that I bought all the shirts and fabric, sent her a picture of each character, and then she made every single one of them.) Brobie is missing from this picture because Jack will be the only one wearing a Brobie shirt. I didn't want him to see it before Saturday so I haven't had it anywhere in sight.

Matt helped me make the invitation (and by help I mean that I picked out the theme, the wording and the font style and Matt did everything else). See a pattern here?

Ignore the background because I have this banner hanging on my "catch all" bookcase. I made this happy birthday banner featuring all of the Gabba colors because I was trying not to go overboard with the character theme so I am playing off the colors more than anything.
I made these for the cupcakes. I found some super cute ideas for a big cake but I really just think cupcakes are better for this age group because they are easier to handle. Plus, most 2 year olds I know enjoy eating with their hands so this gives them the perfect excuse.

It's been a real team effort to get everything ready. Besides the help I got from Matt and my friend Michelle, my dad made some amazing decorations for the party that we have managed to keep hidden from the kids for the last month. My aunt made the bean bags for one of the games. My friend, Aaron, did some wood work for us. I'm looking forward to seeing Jack's face when he sees it all. This is Jack's first birthday party with friends so hopefully it all goes well. I hope it ends up being as fun to be a guest as it has been being the party planner.

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