Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

We had a busy Easter weekend around here. The weather was absolutely beautiful on Saturday but Sunday wasn't as great. It was in the 80s but it was soooo humid and cloudy. Kind of made it miserable to be outside, which was unfortunate for us because we planned to have brunch at an outdoor restaurant. Of course, the weather turned out to be the least of our worries because Jack + sitting still = not happening. Here's how the day played out.

The Easter bunny came to see the kids but they had spent the night at Grammie's house so we headed over there with plenty of time before church so the kids could check out their loot. They found swim suits, Princess/Handy Manny cups, Szu Szu pets, My Little Pony and a little candy in their baskets.

After we got the kids ready for church I wanted to take a few pictures because I knew they would have themselves totally messed up in a matter of minutes. Jack decided he didn't want to participate in pictures at Easter this year

(note to Jack: if you are reading this in 20 years and wondering why you aren't in any of these pictures, it is because you were being a pain in the ass and I decided it wasn't worth the fight.)

(note to CPS: saying that he is being a pain in the ass is the nicest way I could think of to describe this phase of his life.)

Moving on.
Avery was willing to take pictures but I mistakenly allowed her to chew gum while she was getting dressed. That turned out to be a bad idea when I started looking at the pictures. You can tell from her hair that it is super humid outside because we could not control the curls.
She was a really good sport to take so many pictures with us. It's nice that we will have pictures of at least one of our children from Easter. *ahem*
We just weren't able to get it together for a group shot. We all sort of look strange in every picture. This one is a good example. Something is very odd about my arm, Avery's smile is painful and Matt looks like he was out drinking too late last night.

I would like to state for the record that Avery went to Sunday School all by herself today and there were no tears. That's the first time she has ever done that. Hopefully this is the start of a new drama-free phase with her.

After church we went to the Oasis for brunch. This seemed like a good idea when we planned it--when the weather was gorgeous. It was really humid, hazy, hot and sort of rainy today, though, so it wasn't at all worth it. One thing I always forget about the Oasis is that the food is pretty bad. We keep going there for the drinks and the view, neither of which we were able to enjoy today. Plus, Jack hates high chairs so he was no fun to be around during lunch. I was pretty much ready to leave about 4 minutes after we got there. At least we had good company and some good laughs.
I love this picture because it really sums up the misery of the lunch. Our hair is ridiculous thanks to the drizzle, Jack is acting like a fool, my mom is wondering why we are even taking a picture given the way Jack is acting, and I am just hoping Jack blocks the wind from blowing my dress up.
Jack did seem to respond well to Josh, though. I just call Josh the Baby Whisperer sometimes because he always seems to get my kids to calm down.
Josh walked Jack around so he would stop being such a fussy boy. It worked.
Avery obviously loves him, too!
Jack was asleep before we made it to the main road back home. I guess running around and ruining other people's lunch is exhausting.

After the kids woke up from their nap we had an Easter Egg hunt. Avery was much more into it than Jack was. They had very different ideas of what these eggs were for...
Avery's thinking, "YES! I am totally going to win! I will definitely find more than Jack will find."

Jack is thinking, "Hmmm, how can I destroy these eggs?"
Step 1: put the egg on the baseball tee.
Step 2: look around to see if anyone is going to stop him from hitting the egg off the tee.
Step 3: knock the egg off the tee and laugh hysterically. Rinse and Repeat.

His whole attitude changed once he knocked a plastic egg open and noticed there was candy inside. By then Avery had found almost all the eggs so he just stole some from her basket. There was screaming and crying and tons of whining, which is when we knew that our day was complete.

Happy Easter, everyone!

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Anjea said...

LOL. Sounds like Jack got hyped up on the candy from his basket! I bet you were pulling your hair out.

I can't imagine CPS ever getting a bee in their bonnet about calling a two-year-old boy a PITA. It sort of goes without saying for much of the time, right?