Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lazy Post

I feel like I am living on a treadmill lately--constantly moving but getting nowhere. I've been busy but when I try and think of what has kept me so busy, I come up blank. I have some posts that I want to write--like about Jack's 1 year stats that I didn't post last month, and about how raising a toddler and pre schooler is so different than when he was a baby. But for now I will just post some pictures of wild flowers. Because there is nothing better than springtime in Texas.

I laugh at you while I mock you for trying to take a good picture.
Jack saw Avery taking pictures with her chin resting on her hands so he copied her. He just didn't keep the pose very long so I couldn't get a good picture.

I never managed to get him looking at the camera, but I do like that this picture shows his crazy hair. He needs a haircut; I just have issues with those kinds of things. The last time he got his picture taken he went from looking like a baby to looking like a boy. I'm afraid to do that again.

The kids didn't cooperate for any pictures of them together. Again. Thanks to the continuous shoot mode on my camera, however, I was able to get these shots of them hugging each other.


There really is nothing better than seeing all of the wildflowers in Texas in the Spring. I wish my pictures could do them justice.

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Anjea said...

That last hug picture is TOO sweet - you need to frame that one!

I need to get out and get pictures with the bluebonnets before they're all gone...