Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Springtime in Texas

One of the most beautiful gifts nature could ever give starts to pop up all over the sides of roads and in fields throughout Texas about this time every year. Some years are better than others based on the rainfall and temperatures we have in the winter. This year is one of the most exceptional wildflower seasons we have had in a long time. I wish everyone could visit Texas for the next few weeks because flowers are everywhere and you can't help but smile when you see them.

As is tradition in Texas, we took the kids for the annual pictures in bluebonnets. And as is tradition in my family, at least one of my children did not cooperate for pictures at all. This is how it normally goes:

1. I get high hopes that THIS IS OUR YEAR and maintain an unrealistic level of optimism.
2. We get to the flower field and the kids start running around and screaming.
3. One of them sticks their thumb in their mouth when I try and get them to look at the camera.
4. Matt doesn't take direction very well.
5. One kid will get in pictures with Matt while the other one runs around wildly.
6. Matt keeps sunglasses on, which only works if you are Usher. Then rolls eyes when I tell him to take them off.
7. We attempt to get a family picture and one kid is throwing a fit or crying. Said kid thinks it is funny to ruin pictures.
8. We try and take pictures of the children together and one or both end up in tears. Generally our pictures are of them running away from the spot that we tried to put them so we could take a quick shot.
9. I start to get sweaty from all the frustration. And the running around.
10. I question why we even came at all and Matt says something about how he "told me so."
11. We go home and I look through approximately 200 pictures to find only 3 that are any good at all. sigh.

See if you can tell which kid wasn't cooperating this year....

Avery: look how perfect I am acting, mom. Cheeese!
At least we got three of us in the same frame. The thing is, I'm not sure I like the look on Jack's face. He is definitely up to something.

My suspicions were correct. That little guy is stronger than he looks. He tackled us both before I could even do anything to stop it.
Avery: look mom! I'm still doing great. Need me to smile standing up? I can do that.
Sadly, the only time he was this smiley was when he was laughing at our pain and frustration.
Jack: I will not look at your silly camera no matter what you try and bribe me with. I cannot be bought, woman!
Jack: ok, picking me up will make me laugh but as soon as you put me down I will go from happy to whiny in 1.2 seconds. Don't underestimate me, people.
Jack: You might think you can contain me with your arms but I will still refuse to look at the camera. And then I will escape and run around killing innocent flowers. You wouldn't want any flowers harmed, would you?
Not exactly a picture we can frame and put on the mantel. sigh.
Uh-oh. Jack's kryptonite. He loooves his Poppa. He can't help but be happy around him. But even Poppa couldn't get Jack to smile and look at the camera at the same time.
After Jack gives kisses he shakes his head and says, "I got all your sugar!" which makes me smile every single time.
And here they go...running from the perfect spot I sat them in so they don't have to actually take a picture together. You would never know from pictures but these two really do get along well.
And finally, Avery with Grammie. I need to say here that these pictures were planned and Grammie was told well in advance. She knew there would be a camera and she knew Avery would want a picture with her. I can't be held responsible for posting these pictures of her without make-up. I gave her all the information and she chose to show up au natural. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Just sayin'...I don't want to see any complaints in the comments, that's all.

So there you have it. Our attempt at bluebonnets in 2010. Whew. I'm glad that's over.

Next year, though. NEXT YEAR IS OUR YEAR.

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Just to be fair, I left my makeup at work on Friday. So I had no makeup to put on my face. Otherwise, I would have looked awesome.....