Tuesday, February 24, 2009

oh, Right. hi.

Things I have learned since my last post:

Jack would rather feed himself than have anyone else feed him. I am still making all of his baby food but now I am doing a lot more "tiny cuts of food" and a lot less pureed foods.

Avery would rather play with/ride on/bounce on whatever toy our neighbor has rather than the one she is playing on. And she isn't afraid to make her opinion known.
Luckily I also learned that our 3 year old neighbor is much more chivalrous than he should be for his age. Such a nice kiddo.
I learned that Jack will stand any time and any place. He will also take steps but will not walk not matter what--don't even try to talk him into it because he will just sit down and cross his little ankles in such a way that will make you want to eat his thighs.  nom nom nom.
I also learned that a quiet child is not necessarily a well behaved one. Avery drew this masterpiece all over herself while I was making baby food for Jack. (damn tiny pieces take forever to cut)
And I mean everywhere. The bottoms of her feet, all over her legs from top to bottom, her arms and her face.
Forgive the mouth full of goldfish but wanted to show the extent of her coloring adventure. 
I learned that weeds do not take time off from growing just because you are in another country. Matt plans to take the back patio apart this weekend in his war against the weeds. I hope this doesn't turn into a Caddyshack situation...but I have a feeling it may.
I learned that those big cheeks just never get old. And that his father is never allowed to be alone with him while I am away because he had the nerve to teach him new tricks while I was in El Sal. Jack can now high five upon request and he turned 11 months old without my permission. See what I mean, I can't go anywhere without things changing way too.

I am happy to be back home after a great week in El Salvador. At home Matt had to deal with 2 sick kids (Avery had a mystery illness and Jack had a double ear infection) while battling a virus of his own. My parents and Aunt Debbie picked up most of the slack since Matt wasn't able to care for himself, much less the kids. Remember when I said that I plan to give the other months a chance in 2009? Yeah, well, February is ruining that for the rest. Hopefully March will bring better luck on the illness front. (always the optimist)

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