Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's Not that I am a Valentine Scrooge or Anything...

Raise your hand if you are watching the Grammy Awards right now? Because you know I am. I mean, anyone who watches the SAG awards is definitely watching the Grammys. (or is it Grammies?) So far the best part of the night has been Jennifer Hudson singing that song about getting her through the hard times. Not sure if she wrote that about her mom or if it was a song that has been out there for a while but when she sang it tonight it was powerful.

Kenny Chesney sang tonight, too. Does anyone else wonder what actually happened between him and Renee Zellweger? Because that marriage was weird in the first place and then super weird when it ended in a divorce due to "fraud." It's one of those things that I think about from time to time and wish I had some insight into FOR NO GO REASON. I mean, does it get anymore random than that? I can't see how.

And now MIA (who is a rapper, but I didn't know that until tonight) is up on stage 9 months pregnant wearing this horrible polka dot see-through outfit. I don't think it would be as horrible if the polka-dots were not also on her butt. I realize that there aren't a lot of wardrobe outfits for someone who is just about ready to give birth but there had to be something else available. 


In other news, Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I am about to make a lot of women mad because I DON'T CARE. It just isn't one of those "holidays" that I get excited about. I think when you are single you just want it to pass quickly before you kill yourself out of depression that everyone else is getting candy and overpriced flowers while you eat a pint of ice cream and watch G.I. Jane to make yourself feel better. When you are in a relationship you just want something nice from your partner but not too nice because what does that mean? And also, what if he gets me something more significant than I get him or worse, the reverse? Or what if he gives me a little jewelry box that has...ear rings in it and not what you thought it would have. 


Then when you are finally married you decide that it isn't worth waiting at your favorite restaurant for an hour to get a table even though you have reservations so you get takeout or make something at home, which is fine but you do that most nights of the year anyway so I don't know why this one is so special. Except for the overpriced flowers that you have sitting on the counter. Also, don't forget the chocolate covered strawberries that they only sell in boxes of 18 that cost almost $50 and there is no way that you will eat 18 chocolate covered strawberries in 3 days before they go bad so then you just feel like you got screwed. (we won't even go there because you probably got lingerie as a gift, which is not a gift at all for a woman and so then there is the possibility that that won't happen either because you are now pissed. Because, seriously?!)

You see what I mean? Not worth it. I don't need that kind of pressure so I just skip the whole thing.

That's not to say that I don't want to acknowledge the day by getting Matt a card and probably a stuffed animal for Avery that will just end up in the box of stuffed animals she has in her room. It's tradition, after all. Let's not go crazy with the anti-Valentine sentiment. I just mean that I don't make a huge deal out of the day.

Of course, having kids adds something new to the equation because you definitely have to send Valentines to all of their friends. Not to mention the party at school with all of the valentines and treats that they will have there. I do get into this part of Valentine's Day because it is always fun to send love notes to friends when you are little and the whole tradition of doing that starts when you are too young to actually write or mail any of it on your own. So Avery and I went to Hallmark on Friday night and she picked out cards for her friends at school and ones to send to other friends/family in the mail. She was pretty into it and loved looking at each of the cards before making her final decisions. I have them all addressed and stamped so now the challenge is to make sure I get to the post office and actually send them out.

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