Monday, February 2, 2009

What? There was a football game on, too?

As is our tradition, we went to Derrin and Jolene's house for the Superbowl yesterday. On the way to their house Avery asked me (again!) where we were going and I told her (again) about the football party. It went something like this:

Avery: Are we going to visit friends?
Me: yes.
Avery: why?
Me: because they are having a football party and we go every year.
Avery: why?
Me: because it is fun to watch the game with friends and these are the friends we always hang out with during the Superbowl.
Avery: Every year of my whole life? 
Me: yep. Your whole life. 

(on a side note, she is really into this "why" question lately and I am finding that I am just not as smart as I thought it was. For example, I can't answer why the clouds cover the moon some nights and not others. Or why the neighbors have 2 dogs. Or why the car next to us on the way home was white. Or why we go when it is a green light and stop when it is a red light. It's just the rules of the road, kid. I don't make them, I just follow them.)

Once we got to Derrin and Jolene's house she was fascinated with "Derrin's mess" that Matt and Jolene were cleaning up. It was "large item pick-up day" this morning and they needed to get all of the remodeling stuff out of the trash area in their backyard. Since Derrin is a gimp right now thanks to knee surgery (which he had to have after falling out of an attic, but that is a different story for a different blogger), Matt was glad to help. Avery asked tons of questions that started with "why" and really none of us could answer to her full satisfaction.

She loves going over to their house because Jolene doesn't have any kids yet (but will in about 7 months!) so the house is full of things that could potentially get Avery into trouble. She usually starts with the pool table and moves on to the glass cabinet in the TV room. Lucky for us she didn't break anything. I can't same the same for Matt, though. 

We had a great time hanging out during the first half but had to leave before the second half thanks to 2 sleepy babies. Here are some pictures of the evening:

Uncle Josh was lots of fun for the kids. When he got there Avery ran to him and said, "UNCLE JOSH! Jesus is my friend!" So random that she would say that to him in this situation but it was the lesson from Sunday School yesterday, so I guess she retained the information. :-)
Jack totally spit up all over Josh right after I took this picture. 
Avery playing with the balls on the pool table. 
Our traditional "baby drinking out of a beer bottle" picture from the Superbowl party. We have a picture of Avery doing the same thing when she was 6 months old. Don't worry, the bottle was empty (and washed) before he started trying to drink from it. Right after I took this picture he dropped it and it broke on the tile floor. I blame Matt, since he was in charge of holding the bottle. Josh reminded us that neither of us were exactly up for Parent of the Year Awards in this situation so there was no reason to blame anyone for anything. 

We had a great time, as always, and look forward to next year when there is a new baby in the house for the big game!

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