Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm Not Sure, But I Think This Is All Obama's Fault

The only thing I don't like about the Cash For Clunkers program is that neither of our cars qualify. I think we should go to our Senator's next town hall and start shouting about how unfair it is that our very efficient Hondas are not included and this is clearly a case of DISCRIMINATION!!

Somehow I doubt that will work.

But it sure would be nice if we could get a voucher for a new car because Matt wants one. Actually, what he really wants is a truck. His car is 10 years old now and the paint is coming off thanks to some bad primer on Honda Accords in 1999. Otherwise, though, it is fine. I think he is just tired of driving around a car that is losing it's luster. But the thought of a car payment makes my stomach hurt so I am trying to fend off his efforts to persuade me. It is tough, though. It is tough.

I've even started going to the gym almost every day just to build up my strength to resist his "list of reasons" why he needs to have a new truck. Here are some of the more laughable reasons he has used to convince me:

  • When we were taking all the birthday supplies to Avery's birthday party he casually mentioned that if we had a truck it would have been so much easier than driving both of our cars. HE'S SO RIGHT! We should Definitely get a new truck so we have it to use one time a year when we have Avery's birthday party.
  • When we pick up groceries but have the strollers in the trunk he looks at me knowingly and says, "see, if we had a truck..." I would like it to be known that we have never had to abandon grocery bags full of food in the parking lot of HEB because they didn't fit in our trunk while the strollers are in it.
  • Anytime we are in traffic and can't see past the truck in front of us he will sigh and then, under his breath, he will say that if we were in a truck we could see what is going on. True. If we were in a truck we could see what kind of junk the person in front of us had hanging from his rearview mirror better than we can right now. But I doubt we will see the cause of traffic way up ahead of us unless we get a Jetson-type car. And they haven't started making those yet. (by the way, WHY NOT? I figured by the time I was an adult we'd have those cars all figured out.)
Maybe he thinks that if he just lists ridiculous reason after ridiculous reason I will break down and say, "I give! Add $500 a month to the spending column of our budget!" I mean, he's seen it work on a lesser scale when Avery asks me "why" approximately 1000 times a night.

I have to figure out a way to keep those two apart. They are starting to share tactics to use against me.

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