Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My How Time Flies

When Avery was born a week late and about 3 pounds bigger than a "normal" baby, I was sad that we had to skip the newborn clothes and go straight to the 0-3 month outfits. And those lasted about 4 weeks before it was time to move up again. I was so afraid that she would be one of those giant babies that would end up on CNN or something.

Luckily she stopped growing at such a rapid pace and had just slightly doubled her birth weight by her first birthday. Whew. And now, as a 3 year old, she is actually wearing mostly size 3 clothes, which is a huge relief for me (for Matt, too, if we are being honest) because our CNN fears never materialized.

Oh, Anderson Cooper, we'll meet one day. I know we will.

Where was I? Oh, right. Giant baby. Because she was so big, she basically wore her outfits once or twice before they just didn't fit no matter how hard I tried to get them on her. I had so many cute things to give away that looked brand new.

When she was somewhere around 2 months old I put her in a green hula girl dress that I loved so much. I was sad that she really wouldn't be able to wear it much so I went back to Gymboree to get the next size up. Of course, they didn't have many sizes to choose from--isn't that always the way--so I bought the next closest size to her 0-3 month dress...a size 3T.

When I brought it home Matt thought I was nuts for buying something that wouldn't fit her for 3 years (at least we hoped! haha). But I was in a postpartum hormone craze and it made total sense to me at the time. I put it in her closet and bought a divider labeled 3T so it wouldn't get lost in a sea of clothes.

Fast forward to last week when I pulled out the dress and finally convinced Avery to wear it. It is just as cute on her now as it was then!

Yeah, I know. Hardly a great picture of the dress but it was the only one I could find because I am "external hard drive" challenged. Trust me, she is wearing it.

And here she is with her cheesy smile now. A 3T. Kind of makes me wish I had gotten a 4T and 5T and...clearly I have a problem.

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