Monday, September 22, 2008

Yeah, um, So Far Ballet Class Sucks

Let me start by saying that my (evil) neighbor is attempting to teach Avery to say "No Obama!" which is going to get him into some big trouble. She goes around saying "vote for Obama" all the time and one freaking evening with Sampie has changed her mind. grrr. 

Ok, so we attempted ballet class again on Saturday morning. This time our strategy was to have Matt take her in the hopes that she wouldn't be as clingy to him. She is apparently much smarter than we are. She made sure that Matt stayed in the dance studio with her rather than going out in the waiting area with the other parents. The teacher tried to entice her with a wand. She placed it on the floor by all the other kids and told Avery that she could come get the wand and join the group when she was ready. Then the teacher made the mistake of turning around and walking away. At that point, Avery turned to Matt and said, "I want that wand!" and then ran up to the group, grabbed the wand from the floor, and then ran back to Matt as fast as possible. She's good. We need to be afraid.

I got there about half way through class hoping to see her dancing. I went in the studio and had Matt switch kids with me so I could talk her into going to dance. No such luck, though. She ended up joining the group for the last 2 minutes of class, but only when the teacher brought out the stamps.

Her teacher said to try again next week (that will be week 4 if you are keeping track) because she should be used to things by then. I somehow doubt it. We are going to try again, though, because I am crazy (and also because I will be out of town so Matt can deal with it!).

perfectly happy after dance while she was eating lunch.
she even kept her dance outfit on for gymboree because she liked wearing it so much. 

Later on Saturday while Avery was napping after a rough morning of avoiding dance class and playing hard at Gymboree, I spent some quality time with Jack. He is sitting up now, but isn't that steady so I still have to be careful to watch him. He is just such a happy guy and he makes it easy to be around him.
Jack in his cowboy hat. It's a little big now but he likes to wear it.
laying around the house

On Sunday we went to Derrin and Jolene's house for a football party. Jolene is such a great hostess and had toys for both of the kids to play with. Jack LOVED the "spin and play" toy that she had and stayed occupied for almost an hour. Avery was a little more curious about the fun things in their house. She loved the pool table and had my blood pressure rising because I could just see her throwing one of those balls into the glass shelves or windows at their house. Luckily we left without causing any major damage. 

such fun for little boys!


Boot Camp Update:
I have enrolled in another session of boot camp at my gym. I loved it last time and I was the only one that didn't miss a class. 21 people started the boot camp and 5 of us completed it. 3 of us are signed up for the class again. I am so glad that we were able to work it out so that I can spend 3 days a week doing this in the evening. It is a lot more work for Matt so I am glad that he was willing to go along with the plan.


Tomorrow morning I am off to Dallas for Lauren's mom's funeral. (you can catch the story at La La's Land on my sidebar) I am so sad for her that she has lost her mom before her baby was born. I know it is going to be hard for her but hopefully all of her friends can help fill the void as much as possible. 

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