Monday, September 29, 2008

Las Vegas Placeholder

Vegas was a ton of fun and just what the doctor ordered. For all of us, I think. We spent some time at the spa on Saturday morning and all of my stress that lived in my shoulders is gone for now. I know that it will be back very soon, but this is expected to be a good week at work so I think my stress levels will stay low for at least a few more days.

We packed a lot of fun into about 53 hours which means that we didn't sleep much. And I am still pretty tired. So even though I promised to spend some time writing about the trip as soon as I got home, that just isn't going to happen. I overestimated the amount of sleep I thought I would get. I actually got about 4 hours less a night than I normally do.

The good news is that I came home with a little money thanks to a good poker game and some luck at the slot machines. The bad news is that dance class didn't go well at all while I was gone and I think we are done with it for now.

Will post more as soon as I can voluntarily keep my eyes open past 8pm.

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