Monday, September 1, 2008

A Weekend of Firsts

Fall is my favorite season of the year. Mostly because it is football season. So when College Game Day on ESPN came on last Saturday morning, we were watching it. It was Jack's first time to see it and I made sure to tell him all the background info on the hosts of the show. Matt just laughed at me and reminded me that Jack is 5 months old and doesn't care. I just thought it would be better for the interview in about 18 years if I could say that Jack watched his very first College Game Day when he was 5 months old and we talked about how he will be on it one day. You know, when he is playing football for Texas. (but I digress....)

(on to my point)

The first FIRST for us this weekend was Jack's first UT game day. Matt and I go to all of the home games. We are very lucky that the kids can stay with my parents while we enjoy ourselves on campus. Even though they aren't at the game we still dress the kids up in their UT gear for game day just to get into the spirit. And brainwash them so they won't want to go to any other school. It's the American way.

just before we left for the game on Saturday

future longhorn
clearly burnt orange is his color

The second FIRST for the weekend was that Jack started eating solid food on Sunday. We started him off with avocado just like we did with Avery. He is not quite 6 months yet, but we could tell that the boy is hungry and needs more than just milk because he is eating much more frequently and he isn't sleeping as long as he used to (9 hours instead of 11) which is killing us. So I just decided to go ahead and give him some food to see if that helps him sleep better and it did the trick. Second child syndrome, I know, but we don't get the naps that we used to when we just had one child.

Jack wasn't sure about the food at first. He made a funny face when we gave it to him but he ate it all and seemed to want more. So far we have given him avocado for 2 days and we'll move on to banana on Wednesday. After 3 days of that we will start with cereal. 

Of course now that he is eating solids it means more work for us on the weekends because I will make all of his food just like I did with Avery. That means Sunday afternoons will be spent making baby food and freezing it for the week. It isn't hard to make the baby food and it is nice to know that he is getting a good variety of food. We almost never have trouble getting Avery to eat fruits and veggies and we think it is because we gave her all kinds of food when she first started on solids.  We are hoping the same thing will happen for Jack.

after his first bite. you can see a little avocado on his chin

he really wasn't sure about the taste and texture but he kept opening up for more.

The third FIRST this weekend wasn't captured on film because I was too busy watching to take pictures. Jack started rolling from his tummy to his back. He has been rolling from back to tummy for a few weeks now but once he was on his stomach he just laid there until one of us moved him. He didn't mind it, really, except when he was asleep and woke up on his stomach, so he didn't do much about trying to roll back. But today he figured it out and he had a great time rolling back and forth from his stomach to his back. Our days of laying him on the bed and walking away are over. 

Avery had a great time spending the night with Grammie on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend. We went to a poker party at Stan and Melissa's house on Sunday night so she stayed with mom and had a good time playing at Grammie's house while we were gone. She especially loves the mornings when she has my parents all to herself. She made eggs with mom this morning and helped her cook them for the first time. We really enjoyed seeing some old friends (hi Christina!) at the party. 

Mom returned Avery just before 9 this morning and she was in a fantastic mood for the rest of the day.
here's Lucy and Avery hanging out in the living room. I know Lucy doesn't get the top billing that she used to, but trust me, that dog is loved and spoiled to death.

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