Monday, December 1, 2008

A Thanksgiving Photo Review

Avery was "very helpful" and participated in cooking Thanksgiving dinner with us. She made quite a mess with eggs and water. We also suspect that she added some water to the sweet potatoes when we weren't watching but we can't prove it. 
Since she is so cooperative she decided to look past the camera and watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade instead. I think her favorite part of helping us cook was being allowed to stand on the step stool. She was really happy when she was up higher than her 2 year old body can do naturally.
Meanwhile Jack had his first taste of finger food. I love this shot because it is a cross between "what the heck is this" and "why are you taking my picture right now." He seemed to like the puffs but most of them ended up on the floor and then in Lucy's mouth.
Josh joined us for Thanksgiving this year because his family was in Ft. Worth and he needed to stick around Austin for the UT game on Thanksgiving night. Priorities. 
He showed up with a pony for Avery. She obviously loved it. 
Lucy wasn't too sure about the pony and continued to sniff around with her ears pinned back. Avery enjoyed teasing Lucy by pressing the button that made galloping noises. Lucy was so confused.
Josh usually has a way with kids and Jack is no exception. He loved the attention he was getting from "Uncle" Josh.
Josh got more than he bargained for when he got a big wet kiss on the cheek from Jack. He is pretty good at just slobbering all over any face that dares to get close enough.
Avery eating pie on Poppa's lap. She is all about sitting on laps when she eats, which is pretty annoying to me but Grammie and Poppa never seem to mind.
After dinner Poppa and Avery went outside to talk to the neighbors who were hanging out in their backyard, too. That's what happens when it is 80 degrees on Thanksgiving. Everyone just kind of makes their way outside to walk off the huge amounts of turkey they ate and talk to the neighbors to compare notes on the large portions of yams and mashed potatoes. I think this is a tradition that also started on the first Thanksgiving.

After dinner we headed out to the UT/A&M football game. It was a great night at the stadium. The crowd was really fired up and a lot of people were holding up 45-35 signs (to represent the final score of the UT/OU game). We won 49-9 which should have been enough to show the Harris Poll voters that we are the Big 12 South Champs. SHOULD have been...but it wasn't. So now on Saturday night Mizzou will play OU for the Big 12 Championship. Ridiculous. And if one more analyst talks about the high scores OU puts up I might scream because they leave their starters in for the entire game no matter what the score and we don't. We need a new system.
Matt and Avery getting ready for a nap (apparently Matt started napping already) on Friday afternoon. It's amazing how he is always the tired one on the day after Thanksgiving when I am the one who gets up at 4am to shop.

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