Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Things are about to get crazy around here

This is how a crawl starts...
...and then he propels his body forward using his upper body strength....
...and he finally reaches his destination (his sister's discarded banana peel). But you will notice that there is no air between his stomach and the floor. He gets where he wants to go but he definitely isn't crawling. (also, those Baby Legs he is wearing were a great gift from Micha when he was born. Love Baby Legs! Matt thinks they look like leg warmers and belong on girls in Flash Dance. He said that he would be ok if Jack never wears them again. nice.)
She smiled in this picture because I promised her a brownie. Of course Jack doesn't eat brownies  yet so he refused to cooperate. The elusive Christmas picture is still out of my reach.
My kids and their thumb sucking. I really don't know how this happened, but I will say that it makes bedtime so much easier.
All those attempts to crawl made Jack tired. This is his "stop taking my picture and start putting me to bed" look.
His serious face. I am sure he is thinking about the financial crisis and whether or not we should give a bridge loan to the big 3 auto makers.
This is his "I know you are taking my pictures but I am going to play coy" face. 
Fine, Woman! I will look at your camera and give you a smile. But seriously, I don't change every single day. You could go a day or two without taking my picture. (and also, when are you going to learn photoshop so you can make this plug in the background disappear?)
Here I am pretty sure he is thinking that it is time for someone to change his wet diaper. 

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Lindsay said...

Jaden has that same football sweatshirt! Too cute!