Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ready for American Idol


Avery and Jack playing together as a stall tactic before bedtime. You can tell by the end that Avery was getting really excited about All! The! Singing! It is also clear that Jack is feeling a lot better these days. We have actually slept all night long for the past 2 nights and he is able to go to sleep on his own again so I think we have turned the corner. Oh happy day!

This weekend I will be cashing in on a bet I won with Matt. At the beginning of the football season I bet Matt that the Dolphins would win more games than the 49ers. I won big time. So we are going downtown to a restaurant that was featured on the Food Network. Technically it is where Matt wants to go but I am magnanimous like that. 

It better be good or I will never let him hear the end of it.

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Micha said...

I love the part at the end when Jack is staring at her is so crazy.