Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The One in Which He Tries to Break my Phone

It was all going so well until he decided to take the camera from me. It is clear that he doesn't see me as the person in charge. He pretty much does what he wants whenever he wants. sigh.

Things are changing around here and there is nothing I can do to stop it. Jack is now blowing kisses and just kissing the air freely. It is pretty amazing because he makes the cutest sounds. Of course, he doesn't do it much when I try and capture it on video, but that didn't stop me from making several attempts.

While he isn't walking solo--or even thinking about it--he is cruising around the coffee table and some of his taller toys. I have several friends that have babies that walked at 10 months and if this were my first child I would probably feel like Jack is behind. But since he is my last baby I am perfectly happy with this slow pace. I know he'll walk soon enough so I am just going to enjoy this baby pace while I have it.

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