Thursday, March 26, 2009

Vegas Continued

Ok, so then on Sunday we met my friend Blake (who totally crashed our vacation and came to Vegas at the same time and stayed at the same hotel) and went shopping with Josh. Matt really wanted to go to the Ferrari store because he had unrealistic expectations about the prices there. For example, they had a baby bottle and pacifier set for $65. The t-shirts were $60. There was a lovely umbrella there that was on sale half off--and who can resist that kind of deal--for $125. Needless to say, we walked away empty handed.

We continued on to the Bellagio for lunch at their famous buffet. The line was forever. You would have thought we were waiting in line to see the President or something. Lucky for us Blake is awkwardly cute and some girls with a line pass walked by and gave it to him. We didn't realize what a gift this was until we actually walked form our place in line to the front and it was about a half a mile. (or maybe just the length of a football field. the point is that we were HUNGRY and this pass was a lifesaver. why are we squabbling over the distance?) The food was amazing and Matt was in love. He wasn't even sure what to start with. It is a feast for the eyes as well. I think we could all agree that the table next to us was the loudest table in the history of the world but we mocked them and overcame the annoyance. 

After we left Blake "paid it forward" and gave the pass to another group of 4 at the back of the line. It was clearly the line that never ended and I was afraid that those people would surely die before any morsel of food touched their lips. Blake is a good man for giving up that pass. 

Next we headed over to the Palms Hotel (which looks much cooler on TV) and I was sad that I didn't see any D-list celebrities while we were there. We drank at the bar most of the afternoon--the BEST coconut margaritas of my whole life--and just enjoyed the company of my sister-in-law and her sister, Erin. My brother was busy at the craps table and Matt was trying his luck at Blackjack. Let's just say that both of them were at work today so you can imagine how they did at gambling. 

Meanwhile, back at the bar, Erin and I were feeling the effects of the aforementioned Best Margaritas Ever. For the first time in over 4 years I can officially say that the alcohol had the best of me. But more funny than that was that it had the best of Erin, too. And she was hilarious. For some context, Erin probably weighs 50 pounds soaking wet and she had not had anything to eat all day. So by the time she enjoyed 2 of those marvelous drinks she was definitely feeling the affects. She had to be carried out, literally, and then she gave the taxi cab driver some crap for not having a puke bucket in his car. I think it is hilarious that Erin was yelling at the Vegas taxi driver about the importance of being prepared for anything. Back at our hotel she continued to need assistance and spent the rest of the day/night enjoying the wonderful accommodations in the hotel room at Treasure Island. It was fun to watch, although I do feel bad for her that she was sick for the rest of the day. She was a great sport about it, though, and laughed it off the next morning. 

I kind of wish I had been sick for the rest of the day rather than spending time at the Casino War table again (oh, Casino War...why can't I quit you?). Apparently I should be very embarrassed by this because Matt kept giving me crap about playing War. All I know is that the tables were always full so it wasn't just me. And since Matt was playing in another poker tournament I felt that this was the best use of my time. I lost it all, though. I lost it all.

We ended the trip with breakfast with the family before heading out on our overcrowded flights home. It was a great weekend away and the good news is that Matt is HOOKED on Vegas. He is already talking about going back--especially this morning when both kids were crying in unison and we just wanted to run far away from here. He loved the idea that he could play poker whenever he wanted to for 24 hours a day. I think there was just more to see than we could possibly fit into a long weekend so Vegas definitely left him wanting more. 

Mission Accomplished. 

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Marissa said...

I hope one day I can go to Vegas. Sounds like fun!