Monday, March 30, 2009

Maybe This is just the Teenager in Me...

I was having lunch with two girlfriends today (hi Micha and Tracy!) and they asked how the pile in my room was looking. Interesting that they should ask because I have been thinking about doing a post about that pile for several weeks. The thing is, the pile has made like bunnies and multiplied all over our room. After talking to the girls for a few minutes I realized that our bedroom is such a mess because:
a. we have a super small house and there is nowhere in the main living area to leave things without the house shrinking into nothing. Since you see the whole house the minute you walk into the door, our room is the only spot that can be a mess without everyone knowing about it. (well, until I post it on the internet for everyone to see)
b. I have too much stuff for such a small space. But the sales! Who can resist all the sales?!
c. I perhaps have a problem getting rid of things--not trash, necessarily (although I am not denying holding on to things that should probably be thrown out)--but more like clothes we have outgrown, kids toys, old home decor that we have replaced, furniture that we no longer use since we had 2 babies in 2 years, etc.
d. I would rather blog than clean up my room
e. I would rather do just about anything other than clean up my room

But the thing is, I HATE having such a messy personal space. Our bedroom is my sanctuary after the kids go to bed. Matt is usually playing games or watching TV in the living room and I kind of like the peace and quiet of my room after a long day so I usually retreat to the bedroom around 8:07 every night and stay there until it is time to go to sleep. So clearly it would be more relaxing to have a clean and clear room to enjoy while I am unwinding in the evening. I just haven't made the time to clean it up recently. Well, since Christmas. The following pictures will illustrate what has happened to that pile. 

First, some context:

Our kitchen is clean. 
Our living room is clean (that's Matt wondering why the heck I am taking pictures of our living room tonight).

But the pile in my room has turned into this:
this is the pile by Matt's side of the bed. That is his night stand (so clearly it isn't just me) and those clothes are partly his.
Here is the pile of things that have been in our room since Christmas. That's my awesome travel bag on top, along with Matt's backpack. We used both of those last week in Vegas. They just haven't been put away yet...
Here is a kid's toy that obviously isn't being used anymore. I plan to put this on Craig's List this weekend. Bonus! It isn't dusty because of all the clothes piled on it. (by the way, those are clean clothes. Some of it is baby clothes that Jack has outgrown.)
Now this is an interesting pile. It is the view of the floor directly where my head lays in the bed. I have approximately 873 cords for various electronics down there. (2 computers, 2 cell phones, a breast pump, a camera charger, and an extension cord) You'll also notice a People Magazine, my passport, a children's book, the tape of the kids at Christmas, some kids clothes (pajamas are often removed in our room and then end up on the floor) and some travel sized Q-tips. 
And THIS! THIS is the original pile. Still relatively the same. I added a clear tub of maternity clothes, a suitcase from a trip I took for work in February, some clean clothes that need to be hung up and a few clothes hangers. 

Tomorrow I will try to remember to take a picture of the garage. Now that is a doozy


Corey Turner said...

Well our house is about the same size as yours, but we have the basement, which is good and bad. Once you hall all that extra space you tend to not throw anything away. We'll have a garage sale in a couple months hopefully to clear out some of the clutter. In the meantime...I'b brewing beer down there.

Marissa said...

I'm assuming that, had you not given me all the stuff you gave me (swing, papasan, baby girl clothes, maternity clothes) that would all be included in your I could help. My "pile" looks about the same. I feel like I clean EVERY DAY, and then by the end of the day, my pile has reappeared. Funny how those piles work.

Marissa said...

Oh, and P.S. my piles are the same size as yours, only it's just me and Aja. How can we have the same size piles, but you have twice as many people?

Amanda said...

if you want to sell any of your Jack clothes, my Jack may be interested ;)

Anonymous said...

Clean your room.

Love, Mom