Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

We're all still in a chocolate coma around here so the post is going to be light on words and heavy on pictures.

Our weekend started at the church associated with Avery's daycare. They had an Easter egg hunt and games. Our neighbors went with us. Do you think Avery is excited to be there, or what?
The girls showing off their balloon animals. Avery has a butterfly and E has a rabbit. Can you tell that Avery's hair is straight? I was able to get her to let me blow dry it straight thanks to my friend Lauren and her sneaky bedtime story. Avery is deathly afraid of turning into "Frizzy Lizzy!"
Here are the girls, with some of Avery's friends from school and their eggs after the big hunt. I just knew that all the fun and running around in the morning would mean that she would take a great nap but she tricked us and decided not to nap at all. After the night we had on Friday (the smoke detector going off and waking up both kids, Jack fighting a cold and Avery deciding that sleep is for the weak), we were pretty devastated that she didn't nap at all. I think kids can smell fear and exhaustion.
This shot was taken in the evening but you can see that it is still somewhat straight. Man that Lauren is a smart one. I wonder if she has any stories about little girls who whine too much...


Jack and Grammie before church. The funny thing about this picture is that my mom is physically incapable of taking a picture with her eyes open so when I was taking this shot she was really concentrating on not blinking. It makes me laugh every time. But look! It's an Easter Miracle!!! She kept them open. Sure, she looks a little freaky with her eyes! wide! open! but at least my kids will be able to look at this picture and actually tell what color her eyes are.

The 4 of us before church in my parent's house that felt more like an oven. It was really hot in there and that is making me think that my dad is starting to turn into my grandmother. The rest of us were burning up and he was talking about how cold it was. My grandmother used to wear a sweatshirt and jeans even when it was 85 degrees outside. If the calendar said winter, she was going to dress the part. It was sunny and in the 80s here on Sunday so I believe that we are now on the path to having my dad turn into his mother. The next thing you know he won't be able to figure out how to use the answering machine. 
The kids going through their Easter loot before Church.
Jack doesn't really understand what is going on and he didn't get to eat any candy so to him it was just another day. Except that he had to wear clothes whose colors are normally reserved for a Pottery Barn Kids catalog. Sucker.

On another note, we are all going to hell for laughing at Avery's 2 year old vocabulary. Since we weren't sure that telling her the whole Easter story would really make sense in her mind, we kept it simple and told her that we were celebrating Jesus' Resurrection. She caught on to the big word pretty fast and said it correctly 2 or 3 times on the way to church. But afterwards when she was trying to show off that she knew why the church crowd had tripled its normal size, she proclaimed that we were celebrating "Jesus' erection!" Everyone got a big laugh out of it and Josh (who joined us for lunch) kept bringing it up in the most uncomfortable ways.

And for that, we are all going to hell. But Josh will definitely be leading the way.
Seriously, so yummy! 
Just like her mother, she was quick to put on the comfortable shoes after church.
If only I could get that shadow off his face. I hope it isn't Jesus hanging around to curse Avery for her potty mouth.
PRAISE THE LORD, I am walking! Kind of. Listen, 27 pounds is a lot to have to lug around so you can't really blame the guy for going slow with this steps.
At the end of the day when it was time for bed. They were so tired from the egg hunts, the good food, the new toys and of course all the candy. I think the truly miraculous thing is that this picture was taken at 7pm and they have not ruined their outfits.
She loved every bite of that candy, though. Next year Jack will get to participate more but this was definitely her best Easter ever.

Turns out it wasn't as light on words as I expected...but those who know me aren't surprised at all. 

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Your totally awesome neighbor, Marissa said...

That picture of Jack in the chair is probably the cutest thing I've ever seen!!!