Friday, April 17, 2009

I Guess This Has Turned Into A Series of Posts

So. Apparently my messy bedroom was a hot topic around here because I got A LOT of emails about it. Only a few comments here, which I find funny, but lots of emails with further questions. Here were some common questions/comments in email:
  • Are the kids room messy, too, or just yours?
  • Can we see your whole room rather than just the piles to see the "big picture?"
  • Where is the picture of your garage?
  • When are you going to clean that up?
  • Is it against your religion to be clean?
  • Should we call Child Protective Services?
  • Or maybe should we call hazmat? (which was one of my favorites, to be honest)
  • how long has it been dirty like that?
To answer some of these questions I decided to show pictures of the kids rooms so you can see that they are (usually) clean. Jack's room, especially, because it is so small that he doesn't have a lot of toys in there. Avery's biggest issue is usually her books because she pulls out approximately 48 a night for us to read to her. But in general both of them have the cleanest rooms in the house. 

Check out the pictures below to hopefully answer some of the questions that were sent to me. 
(I think you can click on the pictures to enlarge them)

let me just start with Avery's bow collection. She rarely leaves home without a bow or two in her hair. These are just the regular bows, not the holiday bows, because they have a separate storage place.
Avery's closet. Her shoes are in that basket on the shelf because if they were on the floor she would take them out and put them on (or ask us to) over and over again.

My nemesis, her bookshelf. 
Her room in its normal state. Yes, yes, she still has a crib in her room. I know she is ready for a big girl bed but I am not. I have a toddler bed in the garage that needs to be painted to match the rest of her furniture and I am currently using that as an excuse for why she is still in the crib. But the truth is that once we move her out of it she will never go back. I will have to admit that she is officially a big girl and I am not ready to do that. She has never tried to escape and she is such a good sleeper that we've been able to keep her bumpers in all this time so I am going to keep things as-is for now. Don't worry, though, she won't be sleeping in her crib when she starts kindergarten.  (probably)

Jack's closet. Notice the blankets all folded in a stack there. A touch of OCD. Not enough OCD to spill over into my own room, though. You may also be able to tell that he has significantly less in his closet than she does. Boys clothes are fine but they don't hold a candle to the cute things for girls. 
The rest of Jack's room. You'll notice the humidifier on the floor due to his constant tendency to get sick. We just keep in there so it is handy when we need it, which is just about every week. 

So now you know; you don't need to call Child Protective Services!

And finally, a full view of our room. Sigh. To answer some questions--no, you don't need to call hazmat. Yet. It has been building to this point since right after Christmas. I want to point out that Jack got sick on January 2nd and has been sick ever since. It's not against my religion to have a clean room. It was clean for a long time, especially when our house for sale. I'm not sure when, but it will be clean again soon and I will post a new picture then. you go!

I still haven't taken a picture of the garage but it is on my to-do list for this weekend. We'll see. 


Lindsay said...

I think you are very normal, or at least compared to me, which my not say much. Most of my house is usually pretty clean. Jaden's room is almost always clean. My bedroom on the other hand is quite the disaster area. My arguement is that if anybody were to stop by, the last place they would most likely see if my bedroom, so therefore, it is always the last place to get cleaned. What can you do?

Amy Turner said...

Corey said when he feels bad about how dirty our house is getting he will just look at this picture and realize we're just fine. Thanks for doing your part to make my husband feel better! :) -Amy