Sunday, April 26, 2009

Progress...... Updated: Nevermind

There are some things that have been happening here that I haven't wanted to jinx by actually publishing. But what the heck. Why not risk it? I like to live on the edge. 

1. Jack has been in daycare every day for 2 weeks in a row. That is the FIRST time this year. He is perfectly healthy and got a clean bill of health from the ENT that he saw on Friday.
2. Avery is now sleeping without a diaper. She's been spending her days without diapers since Christmas but we've been gun-shy about nights because she had a few accidents in the beginning. That's all over now and she is officially a big girl. Who still sleeps in a crib, sure, but I am working on that. The issues are mine, not hers.

Update:  ahem....she wet the bed last night....or, actually, at 6am. Rude awakening for us all. 

3. This morning Matt tore out the hedges (or are they shrubs?) in our front yard. We have hated them for  almost 4 years now--ever since we moved in--but never did anything about it because it was never the right time. We moved in during the summer so it was too hot to make the change then. By spring I was in my 2nd trimester with Avery and all of the nesting that we were doing was related to her room. The next 2 springs we put it on the market so it wasn't the right time to start over with our shrubs. Lucky for us, the market sucks and the economy is in a SHRUBS IT IS! (I guess now I can say George Bush did do something for me. ha!) 
I said he took the old shrubs out but the new ones aren't in yet. Apparently taking them out is an all day event so he wasn't able to plant the new ones. But I have been promised something about tomorrow. We'll see. I have flowers to plant and if they die I am going to be pissed that my buy one/get one free flowers were wasted. 

Update: We got terrible rain last night and more rain most of the day. The yard is a little flooded and there is no chance of getting bushes or flowers in for the next day or two. 

4. My bedroom is clean. Well, 3/4ths of the way. I still have to clean off my nightstand and dresser. Oh, and there are a few piles in the corners. But! But! There is nothing on the floor anywhere else.I put away all the clothes from the 6 loads of laundry we had to do today so there is nothing on the bed. And at 9pm tonight I actually ran the vacuum cleaner on just about every square inch of the room. All of those piles that I pictured before are picked up. I will have a picture tomorrow. I'm just too tired tonight for much more than words. 

Update: We ran out of hangers and now we have clothes laying around the room. In an orderly fashion, though. So it still counts. (should have taken a damn picture while I had the chance)

And I am going to be ticked if a tornado blows through tonight and messes up my clean room! I've never been a fan of irony.

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