Monday, February 22, 2010

Jack and His Facial Expressions

Serious: Clearly he is thinking about Tiger Wood's apology and whether or not it was sincere.

Caution: Do not attempt to steal my cupcake. I might actually bite your fingers off. Don't test me on this one or you will regret it.

Exuberant: YAY! Someone finally gave me words on my clothes since I can't really speak for myself yet.
Sophisticated: This look tells the ladies that I am mature and playful at the same time. Notice how I look off into space as if I am pondering the questions of life. I am deep.
Meticulous: Not only am I smart enough to write my name is perfect penmanship before the age of 2, but I am also detail-oriented. I want to make sure to get the shadow color perfect so I take my time and concentrate.
Contemplative: During "toddler movement class" he avoided following any form of instruction. Instead he considered the future of dance and the movements associated with "I'm a Little Teapot" in the post modern era.

Evasive: Rather than looking at the camera and allowing you to take my picture so we can just get this over with, I am going to look in every other possible direction. But I won't run away, because that would clue you in that I am definitely never going to cooperate. Instead I will sit in one spot and give you the impression that I will allow you to take a decent picture....even though I never will.
Silly: Dressing up as DJ Jack Rock and dancing around the house. Get your sillies out, friends. Get your sillies out.

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