Monday, February 8, 2010


So if you were like us, you were one of the 106 million Americans to watch the Super Bowl last night. We hosted a Super Bowl party with Josh. It was such a good time because we had lots of kids there, which was a first for a party at Josh's house. Generally we are there to celebrate an upcoming wedding or baby so it was neat to be in the house where we have had baby showers for so many of the kids that were playing in the living room. Of course, the kids did pose an interesting challenge when it came to WATCHING THE GAME, but it was totally worth it.

By half time it was almost every child's bedtime so most of the crowd cleared out and only about 6 of us were left to watch the second half of the game. The neat thing about that was that 2 of them were huge New Orleans fans and the rest of us were pulling for the Saints so when they won it was a lot of fun to bask in the celebration they were showing on TV.

Josh wasn't too interested in watching the celebration though, and he definitely isn't a fan of big messes so he started the vacuum cleaner the MINUTE the game was over. In fact, we had to tell him to shut it off during the trophy ceremony because we couldn't hear. It sort of reminded me of a time that I was on a really great date and we were having so much fun talking and laughing at a restaurant that we didn't realize what time it was until we heard the waiter vacuuming the floors. We got the hint and left...I hope that isn't what Josh was trying to tell us last night because we definitely stayed around to watch the whole ceremony.

Anyway, it was a great crowd and we had a good mix of old friends and new there so I am glad we were able to all get together--even if some of us enjoyed each other's company rather than getting to watch the game.

Josh hates it when the kids play with this tea set but he didn't put it away so the kids took over and played with it all night. Baby Denali enjoyed watching the older kids play with all the nice toys. (we had a shower for baby Denali last May. Hard to believe she is 7 months old now.)
This is Annabelle and she is definitely her mother's daughter. Every time I took her picture she would ask to see the camera and then tell me if she thought it was a good picture or not. That cracks me up. Her mom is my little sister in our sorority and one of the girls we threw a shower for in this house when she was expecting Annabelle.
I had a hard time getting Jack to stop eating long enough for me to take this picture. But I do think it was a big victory that I managed to keep Jack away from the brownies, burgers, chicken wings, etc. He was totally satisfied with Chex Mix. VICTORY! Anyway, this is Annabelle, Jack and Conrad. Would you believe that Jack is the youngest in this picture? Conrad lives on our street and goes to the same school as Jack does so they get along very well with each other. I didn't have my camera in my hands the whole time (shut up. I didn't), which is too bad because I missed Jack and Conrad sharing Chex Mix with each other. For such rowdy boys they can certainly be super sweet.
This is Reagan. She will be 6 in May and as you can see, Avery is taller than she is. Jack probably weighs more than she does. Was it something in the water when I was pregnant? Perhaps all of those baked potatoes I ate caused me to spawn huge children? Or is it that Micha (Reagan's mom) just doesn't feed her that often and puts her in a bed that restricts her growth like some kind of ancient African tribe might do? Which scenario seems more likely?
Reagan was telling Avery some knock-knock jokes. Avery laughed every time even though sometimes it was clear that she had no idea what Reagan was talking about. Then Reagan asked Avery why the chicken crossed the road and Avery's response was, "KNOCK KNOCK!" I pray to baby Jesus that she will not end up with her Grammie's sense of humor.

This is Maddie and she clearly didn't want me to take her picture. I tried and tried to get her to look at the camera or stand with Avery but she just absolutely refused. She is such a little sweetie and she is usually very happy to let me take her picture but she got to the house after the party was already in full swing and I think she was a little overwhelmed by all of the activity in Josh's living room. I had to take her picture anyway because that is the cutest outfit! Check out her sparkly zebra stripe shoes.
Look how engaged Avery and Reagan are in the big game! They are total sports fans! I couldn't be more proud!! (um, really they were watching Beauty and the Beast. But a mother can dream, can't she?!)
Thank goodness for baby gates because Jack just couldn't seem to stay away from the stairs. And we all know how coordinated this boy is.
This is my former co-worker's son, Sawyer. He is 4 years old but I still remember the last time we were together at Josh's house for a party. He was learning to walk then and it was my baby shower when I was expecting Avery.


It flies!

Anyway, he is teaching Jack all about making silly faces during pictures. This isn't exactly a trick I was hoping Jack would pick up. It's hard enough to get him to stop eating long enough to take a picture and now I have to worry about him making silly faces every time. I might never get a real picture of my boy at this rate. Needless to say, the next few pictures in my camera are of Jack and Sawyer making funny faces together. sigh.
Then the wrestling began. Having boys is completely different than having girls. Poor Reagan is NOT participating in the wrestling match. She is trying to get up from her comfortable spot on the floor watching a movie. The boys totally took over.
Uh-Oh. Here comes trouble. Just when I had Jack changed into his PJs and ready to go home to go to bed he discovered his undying love for Maddie. I think I have 5 pictures of Jack just staring at her. Sometimes he was on this side of her and sometimes he moved to the other side but he never took his eyes off of her. Maddie, on the other hand, didn't have the time of day for him. She was very busy arranging magnets and could not be bothered by this baby who was falling in love. She is going to be 4, after all, so why would she want to be seen with a boy who isn't even 2 yet? She probably has to deal with this sort of thing all the time. A girl with shoes as cute as the ones Maddie wears has plenty of options.
He couldn't help himself and had to get closer to her. They arranged magnets together for a few minutes before she got bored with him and walked away. A sassy fashionista like her does not need to humor a baby like Jack. I mean, he was wearing footie pajamas, for Heaven's sake! I'm afraid he is in love, though. The look on his little face when she walked away was priceless.

But wait a minute....

Just like a typical man! Jack moved on quickly to a new girl after Maddie gave him the cold shoulder. Annabelle had her PJs on, too, and was more than willing to snuggle up with him. Jack was more than willing to let her. Girls are such suckers for boys with broken hearts. And Jack is a sucker for a cute girl. Somehow I think I am going to need to keep a very close eye on this boy.

I'm so glad we had such a good turnout to the party and the kids all played together so well. There were no meltdowns and no blood was shed, which I consider to be a major victory every time!


Anonymous said...

FYI - I found a mistake in your blog.

Just sayin.

Amy H said...

hmm. a smartass comment. Left anonymously. Difficult to decide which one of my awesome friends could have left it. And I don't know what you mean by now I am going to just lay awake all night wondering. Thanks a lot, jerk. :-)

Anonymous said...

The neat thing about that was that 2 of them were huge New Orleans fans and the rest of us were pulling for the Saints so when they won it was a lot of fun to bask in the celebration they were showing on TV.

Two of them were huge NEW ORLEANS fans and the rest were pulling for the SAINTS?

No one was going for the Colts?


Anonymous said...

Or did you mean New Orleans fans as in fans of the city?

Amy H said...

Crystal and Mark were huge New Orleans fans, both because they lived there and because they root for the team. The rest of us (that were there after halftime)were also pulling for the Saints. I didn't really care either way because I like both teams, but thought it would be cool to see N.O. win for the first time.
And also, who are you?

Anonymous said...

I like cake balls.