Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jack's First Haircut

OHDEARLORD. I succumbed to the pressure Matt was putting on me. I caved. I gave in.

I am a fool.

So. Today was the day. We got Jack's first haircut and I knew it was a mistake before we even did it. I loved his little blond curls in the back and now they are gone.


(Sure, maybe I am being a little dramatic. But take a look for yourself. Jack went from being a baby to being a little boy in only 15 minutes!)

Waiting with Poppa for his turn in the chair of doom. Poor kid doesn't even know what's about to happen to him. Life is so cruel.

Here is the last picture of his sweet little curls before they met an untimely death. I saved them, of course, but having them in an envelope in his baby book is not the same as on his sweet head.
Here he is as Vilma was making her first cuts. He wasn't really sure what in the world was happening to him. I was starting to feel sick to my stomach.
Here he is looking at her as if to say, "Please make sure I am still cute after this!"
And there they go. My delicious little curls. I was feeling like I could actually vomit. I was trying to figure out how I let Matt talk me into this. What in the world was I thinking? I blame global warming.
I think he was contemplating how much his life will be different now that he looks older. Could he get more chicks? Get into a PG movie? Get on carnival rides? Oh...the possibilities.
He was so sweet during the whole experience. He never cried or jerked around. He just sat patiently and quietly while Vilma did her thing.

And when it was all said and done....

...this is what he looked like. Not a sweet baby boy anymore.
Here's the back. No sweet curls. No floppy top. Just plain ol' short and straight hair.

Just like a big boy.

I think I will keep him in footie pajamas until he leaves for college.

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Anonymous said...

He's so sweet. I think he looks wonderful with short big boy hair.

Anonymous neighbor.