Tuesday, February 23, 2010


When we told Avery that it was snowing outside this morning the first thing she asked was, "Is it Christmas?!?"

It was really wild to go from 70 degrees and sunny on Sunday to snow all day today. I tried to take some pictures to show the accumulation as the day went on.

Here's Avery just ready to burst with excitement on the way to school this morning. She was so happy to see snow on the ground in Texas. I think she figured that it only snowed in Illinois since that is the only place she has ever seen snow.
She started trying to catch the snowflakes with her tongue. Quite a big difference from when we got off the plane in Illinois for Christmas. She wouldn't have anything to do with the snow then. I guess all that playing in the snow with her cousins washed away any fears she had.
Jack isn't ever fearful of anything so the challenge we had with him was making sure he didn't run out of the house and slip on any slush. Matt was holding on to Jack for dear life so he wouldn't try and jump out of his arms and dive in the little bit of snow that was starting to cover the ground.

Off to school they went...
....and the snow continued to come down fast. The snowflakes were huge!
Our neighbors made a cute little snowman.
Our poor little flowers were almost totally covered by 10 am.
It stopped snowing briefly around 11:30 but picked up again in the afternoon. Avery and Jack's school closed at 3pm which made working from home for the last few hours of the day a big challenge. Unfortunately the work didn't go away just because it snowed so Matt and I had to juggle the kids and our meetings. We took turns locking ourselves in our bedroom so we didn't have kids laughing in the background on our conference calls.

When I came out of our room for a few minutes between calls, I found Avery dressed up as a princess holding flowers that she was pretending to be balloons. So strange. And she wanted to go outside and play in the snow but didn't want to put on a coat because it would cover her dress. I decided to let her learn on her own and allowed her to go outside.
I figured it would take 30 seconds for her to start complaining and want to go back inside. She definitely proved me wrong. She loved it outside, especially because she could stomp around in her boots.And then out comes little brother to play, too! He put his boots on by himself and showed up in the yard while I was too busy taking pictures to notice. That's just the kind of good parent I am. He enjoyed playing in the snow and refused to let me get a good picture of him.
We don't own snow pants, obviously, because WE LIVE IN TEXAS. I only let him stay out for a couple of minutes and then I picked him up and took both kids back inside. You know, right after I took a few pictures. Since toddlers in wet pants tend to cry a lot (and I was trying to avoid that on account of the whole WORKING thing), I didn't let Jack run around as much as he wanted to.

After I was done with my conference calls and we finished eating dinner, Avery and I went outside for a snowball fight. It wasn't as dark outside as these pictures make it seem just in case my friend Joel is reading this and wants to call CPS. Here she goes... She is gearing up to throw a snowball at me and she is very impressed with herself.
Nice release and ends up hitting me in the right in the lens of my camera. I backed up a little after that because LESSON LEARNED.
Another good shot. She was throwing them at me with both hands. She is most definitely a lefty but she tends to switch it up every once in a while just to keep us guessing.Our neighbor Jordan came over and showed Avery the snowman he made earlier in the day. The two of them spent a few minutes throwing snowballs at Matt's car before Jordan headed home to warm up.
I convinced Avery that clearing off my car was so! much! fun! and she ended up doing almost the whole thing. Sucker.

So there you have it. Our big snow day in Austin. Global warming at it's finest. I just hope the roads are clear tomorrow so we don't have to juggle the kids and work at the same time again. *dearLordplease*

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