Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Let the comparisons begin

Our big man, Jack, rolled over for us tonight. Finally. I'm not sure if it is his big size or if boys are just different from girls but we can already tell that Jack does things at his own pace. Avery had rolled over very early (5 weeks) one time and then didn't do it again until 4 months. But by 5 months she was sitting up pretty regularly. I just don't see that happening with Jack. He is pretty happy to just lay wherever we put him. He'll talk and coo and smile at you and just be in an all around good mood but he never tries to move out of that spot. We didn't think he would ever roll over because he is just so content wherever he is. It took a little coaxing on our part--Matt had to keep moving behind Jack while he was talking to get Jack to turn over and see him--but he finally made the big move. And of course, once he was on his stomach he was happy to stay right where he was. I will post some pictures tomorrow.

I start boot camp at the gym next week and I can't wait to see what a 31 year old body feels like after that kind of abuse. I remember being in high school volleyball camp when I moved to Texas and working muscles I had never been forced to work out before and it just about killed me. We didn't have very tough training in Mascoutah when we started our volleyball camps in the summer so I was shocked when I showed up for practice the first day in Texas and had to do drills that seemed more like torture than anything else. I remember not being able to get into my car the next morning because every muscle hurt. But I was a lot younger then and way more in shape so I shook it off pretty easily. I don't think I will have such luck next week. Matt has already asked me which kind of muscle-soothing lotion I prefer. :-)  I am sure their will be plenty to blog about during that experience!

Finally I would love for anyone reading to lift up Jordan and Marlo W. in their prayers. Jordan is an associate at work. I don't know him all that well but I do know him well enough to know that his family is incredibly important to him. Two weekends ago his wife and 19 month old daughter were visiting her parents in Las Vegas when their daughter, Maddie, died in an accidental drowning. It is just so sad. She is their only child. I know they have a strong faith in the Lord and they will make it through this terrible time, but I just feel so much for them. It has brought me to tears more times than I care to admit since I learned of the accident. Please think of them when you are saying your prayers this week, especially Friday morning because that is when they are going to have to bury their baby.

now to end things on a happier note....pictures of the kids!

Avery just loves Jack! She always wants to kiss and hug him. She calls him Jack, Jackson, Bubba and Big Guy just to name a few. And she always uses a really high-pitched voice whenever she talks to him.
My favorite shirt of Avery's. This is also the first time I put her hair in just one ponytail instead of two. I got this shot just a little too slow because she is just about to close her eyes but I thought I would post it anyway. I guess that is what the photography lessons I am taking are going to help me with, but that is another post for another time.
Jack found his toes about 2 weeks ago and they are his new best friends. That boy loves to grab on and play. He just laughs (which is also relatively new and so freakin' cute!) and coos at them. It is entertainment for him and his sister.

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