Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Less Talk, More Pictures

Ok, Ok. So yesterday's post was a little long. I was just walking down Memory Lane and it turned out to be Memory Mile. Today is much lighter and way cuter. 

Here are a few shots we have taken in the last few days. It's hard to believe that Jack is 3 weeks away from eating solid food. He can't wait, I am sure, because he is starting to wake up a little earlier in the morning and I know that will stop when he is getting a full belly before bed. 

Avery is a little ham. She loves to run around, laugh, "flip" and visit friends. She just talks up a storm these days and has really picked up on common phrases that Matt and I say. For example, yesterday morning I was getting ready for work and I heard Jack getting fussy in the living room. I asked Avery if she would go see what Jack was fussin' about and she said, "isn't that your job?" nice.

Here's Jack with his giraffe and his favorite side-kick, his thumb.
This morning Avery asked us if Jack could lay in her bed. It was so cute and definitely a Kodak moment.
Trying to get a smile--didn't quite get the full smile in time. She was biting her lip by the time I took the picture. Plus she was running away, which is why she is off center. Don't worry, the photography lessons aren't going wrong. They just don't teach you how to keep your 2 year old in one place for a picture.
Jack's jump-a-roo. He loves it. And he thanks our friend, Kerry, for letting me know that he was ready for it. Grammie bought it for him when he was born and he is finally able to enjoy it.

Here you go, Joe and Christy! Another picture of Matt. This one was at our church after a Summer Celebration. Avery has balloons painted on her arm. I hope that's the only tattoo she
ever wants!
Finally a real smile. Now if I could only get her in a clean shirt....

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