Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Night at the Theatre (or is it Theater? I can never remember)

A couple of weeks ago Matt and I took Avery to see Seussical the Musical at the Zach Scott Theater. We weren't sure if she was old enough to sit through a play like that but we figured we would never know unless we gave it a try. Avery loves to read books and like most little kids, Dr. Seuss is on the top of her list of favorites. 

We were a little concerned that the show started at 7, just one hour before her regular bedtime. She is usually in the bath at this point and we start winding down from the day so we were a little concerned about how she would behave if she was too tired when the play started. 

It turns out that we worried for nothing, as usual. She was just fine all night. We kept telling her that we were going to see people sing and dance and she kept saying, "yeah" as if she already knew that and we were just idiots for repeating ourselves so much. Then when we got there she was more concerned about getting juice than anything else. 

Before the show started she played a fun game of "I have to go potty" with us. The rules of this game go as follows:

Toddler says: I have to go potty
Mom says: ok, I will take you.
[exit auditorium and go to women's restroom. Toddler goes into stall and then proceeds to scream "NO!!" so you decide she has changed her mind and you leave. On the way out she wants to wash her hands.]
[return to your seats]
Toddler says: I have to go potty.
Dad says: ok, I will take you.
[exit auditorium and go to men's restroom.  Toddler goes into stall and then proceeds to scream "NO! NO, DADDY!" so you decide she has changed her mind and you leave. On the way out she wants to wash her hands.]
[return to seats]
Toddler says: I have to go potty.
Mom and Dad say: screw potty training. Just go in your diaper. Enough is enough. And also, isn't it time for this damn play to start? 

Luckily God had mercy on us and the lights flickered in the auditorium to signal that she show was about to start. Avery sat on my lap and instantly put her thumb in her mouth. When the play started she just stared at everything. She didn't move and she didn't say a word. She was enthralled by the action. She didn't really move a muscle which surprised me. Toward the end of the First Act she did clap when everyone else did, but that was about it.

At intermission she quickly looked at me and I told her that they are taking a break but will be right back. She was quiet for a moment and then said, "They'll be right back?" to which Matt and I both said, "yes." Then about 2 minutes later she again said, "They'll be right back?" It was pretty cute. 

When the Second Act started she stayed on my lap but this time she pointed out the characters that were up high on doors or on a hill on stage saying, "she's up high" and "they are up there!" She clapped after every song and she started to dance a little on my lap. I could tell she was really into it. As the show came to a close and the actors sang the final song I started to tear up a little because it was clear that Avery really loved it. She paid attention the entire time and talked about the characters. 

It was as though I was seeing a play for the very first time. 

After the show the characters were in the lobby and we went to meet some of them. Avery was a little hesitant with some of them but she pointed out others and wanted to say hi. I thought it was cool that they were in the lobby so that the kids could take pictures with them.

Since we had such a good time at the play and we were already downtown, we decided to go to Tiff's Treats for cookies. We sat outside and ate warm cookies and talked about how much fun the play was. Matt asked Avery if she wanted to do more stuff like that and she said "YES!"  but I think she would have agreed to anything since she was eating a cookie and it was 8:45 pm.

It was fantastic for all of us. Jack stayed with Grammie and Poppa and had some great 1 on 2 attention. He probably loved the chance to have them all to himself. Matt, Avery and I had a great time together at the play. We were so happy that the late night didn't turn her into a typical 2 year old monster and it was nice that she stayed still during the play and actually paid attention. 

I'd say it was one of the best date nights we have had in a long time.


Madeline said...

As a character in the show, I'm very glad to read that you had a memorable time. We had a blast doing it :)

Amy H said...

It was awesome. You all did a great job. Thanks so much for leaving a comment so that I could tell you that. All of you had a lot of talent and it was so nice that you went in the lobby so the kids could see you up close.