Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I would love to just sleep for 24 hours

I am exhausted. So much is going on right now and I don't feel like I am getting enough rest.

We are busy every night except Tuesdays and it is really starting to catch up with me. Between boot camp (yep, still going to that regularly), photography classes, a church group we attend on Friday nights, football games, Sunday School and Church, I am exhausted. And that doesn't even take into account Matt's once a month weeknight poker game (which happens to be tonight), some cooking classes we are taking and some election activities. 

But the real exhaustion started last Thursday.  That is when Avery somehow injured her thumb (the one that she sucks while she sleeps) before she went to bed. I wasn't home for the bedtime routine because I was at a photography class but I learned something was wrong the hard way. At midnight Avery woke up SCREAMING. That never happens around here so we thought she was very hurt. But when we got into the room she just wanted to be rocked. After a few minutes she was fine and I was back in bed. Until 1 am when the screaming started again. This time it was Matt's turn and once again she was back in bed pretty fast. We went back to sleep already so tired from getting up twice and just when I felt like I was falling asleep she started screaming again. For heaven's sake...

In the morning she asked me to kiss her "ouwie" and showed me her thumb, which looked awful. No wonder she woke up so much. That must have really hurt and we felt so bad for her. Our minds immediately went to Friday night with the clear expectation that we were going to be in for some rough nights. And that is exactly how things have been for the last 5 nights. She has a terribly hard time falling asleep since she can't suck her thumb. It is kind of a nightmare with screaming, crying, and property damage involved. Once she is asleep she has pretty much stayed that way (except for Friday night) but getting her to go to sleep is amazingly hard. We aren't used to this because she has always been super easy to get to go to sleep so I am having trouble controlling my anger when she screams at the top of her lungs and throws ridiculous fits. On Sunday afternoon she fought Matt for 3 full hours (while I was at a baby shower) and ended up not ever going to sleep for her nap. She actually tore the ties on her bumper pads in her crib and pulled her sheets off the mattress during that time. 

**bangs head in frustration**

Fortunately for us her thumb is healing nicely and she should be able to suck it again by Friday or Saturday. Obviously we would love it if she just sucked her other thumb but that would require her to lay a different way than she is used to and heaven forbid she did something new and different...

The other thing weighing on my mind is that my dog, Lucy, is sick right now. She has a blockage at the base of her stomach and is unable to keep food down. She is at the vet now (for the whole night) which means this is the first night she has ever slept in a crate. I am sure she is miserable. We go out of our way to leave her with friends or family when we travel so that she doesn't have to ever stay in a kennel. I am so worried about her and I hope that they are able to remove the blockage asap. 

For those of you that don't know, Lucy is our yorkie. She just turned 4 on the 2nd of Oct. We have had her since November of 2004 when Matt gave her to me for my birthday.  She is our first "baby" and I will be heartbroken if she doesn't get better.

No matter how Avery does tonight, I have a feeling it will be a restless night for me...

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