Tuesday, October 28, 2008

RSV and Our Politico

Nope, I didn't forget a letter up there. Jack was diagnosed with RSV this morning. He started showing signs of a cold on Saturday night and by Sunday night we knew it was probably more than just a reaction to his shots from Friday but we were in denial. He stayed home from Church with Matt on Sunday and then later in the day we skipped out on the Halloween Carnival at church because he just didn't seem up to going out. By the end of the day he was coughing a lot and his poor eyes were pretty red from not sleeping much but the little guy was still smiling as usual and so I didn't take it too seriously.

On Monday morning I checked his temperature and it was 100.1. That's kind of iffy for daycare but I also knew that shots cause a mild fever and wasn't terribly concerned. I also knew that I would get a call from daycare at some point in the day because both my parents and my Aunt are out of town and I started a new role at work this week which makes this the PERFECT time to get kicked out of daycare for a week.

Sure enough, at 2:53 pm my phone rang and it was daycare letting me know that Jack was sick and needed to be picked up. Luckily my dad's flight had landed at that point and I gave him a call to say Welcome Back! And please pick up Jack...which I know he loved based on the long sigh he let out over the phone.

My dad, bless his heart, isn't the best at gauging the severity of a fever (or any symptoms for that matter). When I asked him how warm Jack felt or if I needed to call the doctor he firmly replied that Jack's temperature felt fine and there is no reason to call the doctor. Except that when I got home he had all of Jack's clothes off because he thought he was hot. And he was right....103.5 degrees hot. And at this point it was 5:30 pm so I had to call the after hours line and talk to a nurse. BECAUSE MY DAD REFUSES TO TAKE A BABY'S TEMPERATURE. Which, I mean, I get that it isn't the most pleasant thing in the whole world but it is necessary and you need to just buck up and do it. 

This morning Matt took Jack in and they tested him for RSV right away. Since it is a virus there is nothing they can really do to help him out with medicine. We are just elevating his crib, using a humidifier, and running a hot shower 3 times a day to make the bathroom really steamy. It helps clear his throat but he still makes these sad moaning sounds. Throughout the whole thing he is still quick to smile when he sees us. Sweet baby.

Feel better soon, little man! (ahem, it would be super if you 
could be all better by Sunday since I leave for a business trip
on Monday. But any time before Sunday works for me, too.) 
What? Can't a girl make a request? Is that wrong?


I mentioned a few weeks ago that my neighbors put a McCain sticker on Avery when she was visiting with them one afternoon. I have a few pictures of her with that awful thing on her dress that I would like to share, especially because she is throwing a fit and that is funny to me.  (Allison--I know this will cost me a lot of money in therapy bills in the future but you promised me a discount!)

The Anatomy of a Fit (and a lovely gift from our clever neighbors)

Step 1: The beginning of the fit. She starts running at me yelling.

Step 2: She throws herself on the floor and starts kicking her feet. 
(the mess in her room is not actually a part of this fit. It is more a 
result of Little Miss Independent wanting to dress herself in the morning
now and pulling all of her clothes out of the closet.)

Step 3: The yelling, crying and kicking continues.
(While you are down there, do you think you could pick up
a few things off the floor? no? ok, well it never hurts to ask.)

Step 4: She's done and back to playing with play-doh. AS IF
NOTHING HAPPENED. Matt sits perplexed and wondering 
what brought that on. Jack just wanted to peek over her shoulder 
to get into the picture. I am afraid he is picking up some tricks 
from his older sister. I certainly hope he isn't!!

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