Friday, October 31, 2008

This is why we never take family pictures

Halloween 2008

Sigh. No chance of getting a picture where we are all looking
at the camera at the same time.

What a fun night! Jack's first Halloween. Avery's first time to trick-or-treat to more than 1 house. We had a great time with my parent's neighbors (even though they are McCain fans, as you may see by the sign in their yard). We stayed there for about an hour and then went home to trick-or-treat on our street. The kids did great and really stayed well behaved the entire night. Avery broke into the candy pretty much immediately. She didn't understand why she had to put the candy in her "purse" rather than eat it right away after someone gave her a piece. It was pretty funny, though, and we really had a great time watching her go through the annual ritual.

Jack was a trooper even though he is still getting over RSV and
he would have preferred to take a nap rather than take pictures.

Avery knows how to look at the camera but she refuses to 
cooperate just to make me crazy.

Kendel and Avery right before they went out for candy. 
Kendel is dressed as a 50s girl and she was so cute! And girlie.

Jack and Poppa hanging out while we got ready for 

I think I took about 742 pictures since it was his first Halloween
and I didn't want him to feel like the typical second child that 
never gets his picture taken.

I don't know why I bother.

Avery on the prowl for candy.

I'll just sit here. Don't worry about me. And also, can I have
some candy, too?

This is what a turtle looks like after some candy, a frito pie, 
some veggies, crackers and more candy. Time to go home 
and trick-or-treat in our neighborhood.

Man was Gary happy to see us. Jerry and Gary posed in pictures
with Matt and Jack but I wasn't fast enough to get them all centered.

Gary is so fun with Avery and she just lights up around him.

Avery trick-or-treating at our neighbor's house. She is almost
as tall as their halloween display ghost.

I will probably post a few other pictures tomorrow. I have some funny ones of Avery with a girl who dressed as a rabbit. I just thought the two of them together was hilarious, especially because they totally didn't get why it was funny. Also, we have pictures with some other neighbors and I will probably have some game day pictures to post.

Tomorrow night at 7pm Texas plays Tech in a big football game. I am a little anxious about the game but I think it will be fun to watch with some of our friends. It's an away game, which is tough, but also works well for me because we are walking in the Race for the Cure on Sunday morning. 

Obviously we have a busy weekend ahead and I am adding to it by leaving for a 4 day business trip on Monday morning. Early Monday morning. I am looking forward to the sleep that I anticipate getting while away from home. I hope that actually happens.

Seriously. Not. One. Picture. of us all looking at the camera 
at the same time.

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