Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Is It Getting Ugly or WHAT?!?!

You might be thinking that I am referring to the Presidential election, which would be a safe bet since things are definitely hitting a new low on the campaign trail. Man! Can you believe that McCain is ok with people in his crowds yelling out that Obama is a terrorist? Please! Senator McCain you KNOW he is not a terrorist and shame on you for allowing that to happen at your events. Not to mention the lovely Gov. Palin being introduced by a Sheriff at a rally (which I have a problem with, but that is another topic) calling Obama by his middle name (what the hell are you implying, officer?) and having someone in the crowd shout, "Kill Him!" when she spoke of Obama. AND THE CAMPAIGN DID NOTHING TO DISTANCE IT'S SELF FROM THAT KIND OF LANGUAGE!!

A new low indeed.

But actually, the subject of this post is about the ugliness that is potty training. Because Avery is a tricker. She has been going to school with panties on for the last 3 weeks and has only had 2 accidents (just didn't get to the potty on time...it happens...I get it). We thought we were on the right track. We thought we had this whole potty thing down pat.

But today she decided to forget all about telling us that she had to go potty and it wasn't the wet kind, if you get my drift. It was probably one of the grossest times I have had as a parent. 

And to make matters worse, I had to give her a bath immediately after and she pretty much refused to take one. It was as though I was giving our dog, Lucy, a bath because she was clawing her way out of the tub, scratching, panting and slipping out of my grip constantly. Her screaming wasn't helping my ears at all. I'll just go ahead and deal with the fact that I may never hear the same again. You would have thought that I was bathing her in boiling water. 

(side note: I wish I could bathe in boiling water after that because ewww ewww ewww.)

After that awesome experience which came after a long day of meetings at work, she decided to play the standard 2 year old game of "I want that/NOOO! I don't want that!" Ever heard of that one? Oh, it's great. The way it works is that the toddler asks for something and the unsuspecting parent responds by actually getting the [insert requested item here]. Then, just for grins, the toddler starts screaming and saying, "no! no! I don't want [insert the very same requested item here]. 

And then the parent's head explodes.

Luckily Dora the Explorer calmed her down and she went to bed like a champ. It makes me tired just thinking about it.

I know that we will look back and laugh about this in the future. Probably the near future because if you can't laugh at this stuff you might just curl up in the fetal position and cry a lot. But right now, as tired as I am, it is just plain ugliness. 

Now, back to watching the debate. John McCain's level of passive aggressiveness is hitting new lows. :-)

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