Sunday, November 23, 2008

All These and Still Not One Picture for Our Christmas Cards

During Avery's Thanksgiving program at her daycare, this was the moment she spotted Matt in the crowd while she was on stage with her class singing. At that point she shouted, "My Daddy! My Mommy! Oh, My Poppa! My Whole Family!" while she was supposed to be singing. Then she looked at her teacher who was directing the song and said, "Look! My family is here!" and ran off the stage. I could not have laughed harder. Avery and her best friend, Kendel after the Thanksgiving program. I had a hard time getting them to both smile at the same time. They were giving each other hugs but it would just cover one of their faces.  These two are like peas and carrots. Their birthdays are just a week apart and they are in the same class at daycare. Since Kendel lives across the street from my parents we see her all the time. She's an Aggie, but we like her anyway.
The flowers Anne and Steve gave me for my birthday. They are absolutely gorgeous. I wish my photography could do them justice. 
Saturday morning cartoons. Priceless. I just wish that perhaps they could wake up around 8am rather than 6:30am.  (That is the quilt Joel and Michelle gave us for our wedding. We have used it on our bed every day since then. It is a wonderful quilt that they had made by a Native American woman who said a prayer for our marriage over each fabric patch. I love that my kids love it, too!)

I was trying to get some expression shots of Jack that weren't smiles but he wasn't cooperating. He just kept laughing, as if to mock me. We were trying to get him to crawl for us but he is still pretty much just doing the military crawl around the room. He gets where he wants to go and Avery has to watch her food and toys now because he goes right for those.

Jack with his faithful thumb. Is it just me or does it look like his eyes are getting a little darker? They are still blue, and maybe it is just the lighting in the room, but they look a little darker to me.
He decided to take a little rest and lay down with Matt to watch football. I was hoping for a picture with both kids but Avery was taking a nap.
When Avery woke up from her nap she wanted to get in on the picture action and started to be a little ham. I tried to get some pictures of both of them together but Jack just kept turning his head away from the camera to look at Avery and I gave up. I needed a better assistant (ahem, Matt!) 
Seriously, I need to figure out how to use Photoshop so I can work on that glare in her glasses. (and maybe clean off the bed stand behind her)
Jack just loves to play in the bath. The whole room is pretty wet by the time he is done because he splashes around like crazy. Avery doesn't really appreciate all the splashing in the tub (unless she is the one making the mess), so she doesn't like bathing with him. 

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